Qualifications For a Social Media Expert Witness.

As long as courtroom litigation has existed, there has been a need for expert witnesses. People who can prove their expertise in a particular field may be called upon to provide testimony that draws upon their knowledge and experience in a court of law. Depending on the type of court case, expert witnesses can be called to testify on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant to demonstrate whether proper procedures and processes were followed in his or her field of expertise.

As a relatively new sector of business, social media is an area that often comes into question during business litigation. Social media expert witnesses are vital to a case where a company must prove that they were complying with ethical business and marketing practices when using social media to promote their products or services. As such, people who have an extensive background in social media marketing or development may be highly sought-after to provide expert testimony in certain court cases pertaining to proper use of social media. If you are a business owner in need of expert legal testimony, here is what you should be looking for in a social media expert witness.


Above all, a social media expert must demonstrate his or her experience in the field. The court cases that typically require social media expert testimony include internet defamation, trademark infringement, false advertising, copyright infringement and fraud. Because of this, a social media expert witness must have the necessary background and experience in assessing these types of cases to provide convincing testimony to establish a defendant’s innocence. A social media expert may be called to act as a witness in a court case if he or she has published any academic papers or books on these subjects, or if he or she is recognized as a specialist in any of these areas.


You can be the top social media expert in the world, but if you are unable to testify in a high-profile court case without falling apart on the stand, that won’t matter. The number one job of a social media expert witness is to speak with confidence and authority so that every member of the jury understands his or her explanations and believes that they truly are an expert in their field.


Using a bunch of jargon or acronyms known only to the inner circle of internet experts won’t win an expert witness any points for likability. The expert must be able to come across as relatable and provide clear, concise explanations in layman’s terms without sounding condescending. Breaking down complex aspects of the testimony not only helps strengthen the jury’s understanding of what the expert is saying but also helps strengthen their trust, which in turn fortifies your chances of being found not guilty of any social media-related violations.

Finding a social media expert witness that can adequately represent your organization can be a difficult task. Make sure the expert you choose is up to the challenge and has the necessary experience, confidence and relatability to help you win your case.