How To Measure The Impact Of Content Based On Intent

Measuring the performance of your website is very necessary. It is like scrutinizing your website and dealing with the sales of your organization. When you generally focus on the sales of your site, you just focus on the conversion rate of your whole site.

But is that matrix helpful? Think of it.

A wholesome matrix will not be the appropriate process to measure the performance of your various contents. If you are a one-pager, then it’s okay, but we know that there are pages like FAQs and blogs where you put your valuable and quality content.

You or the measurable tools for conversion rate are not magicians, and if you just focus on your sales, your result will show depending on that phase.

There is a problem for you. Your users will not find any valuable aspects through your content because those will be misleading their perception of your content perception as well.

So try to avoid sitewide conversion rates to measure your performance. And also, try to avoid the decision to close some of your pages.

Consider Intent For Your Content.

Have you written great content for your website? Now what? Only writing great content is not enough for your site to get in the traffic zone.

If you are willing to increase the impact of your content, then you need to focus on SEO features. Let your company to handle your SEO features in effective ways, and that will lead to new ways for your content to feature on your blog site.

If you want to include intent in your content, then you will need to consider the audience as well. The audience is your main focus, and without them, you will not get the desired traffic or anything from your business.

Grab the audience, and then you will be able to grab their attention to be your consumer. Well, converting the audience into your consumers is not a very easy task to do. Think from the perspective of a user.

As a user, will you try to buy something that you have no intention of at all? So, intentions come through the audience.

You will be amazed to know that only 5–10% of the total audience who visit your website are ready to buy your products. On the other hand, 70–85% of visitors are there to grab information from your content.

There is a large mouth at the start of your content, and the mouth will get smaller when you see that the conversion rate is not so high. As a user, if you do not show the intent of your content, you will not be able to convert the audiences into users.

You need to focus on your audience and then measure the impact of your content marketing by considering only the people who are interested in the intent of your content.

Queries Related To Intent

In this section, you will probably understand why you need to create contents that are intent-based. If you understand this, you will be able to measure their impacts as well.

Understanding the importance of intent-based content thus becomes so necessary for you as a content developer of a website owner. If you keep on writing the content for your users and don’t buy it, then what is the meaning of all your efforts?

This is why first try to understand the specific goals or queries of the audience. All the audience are not here to buy your products and that we have mentioned earlier.

Most of the audience is trying to grab information from your content. Do you know that? Among other people, they just navigate the particular websites, and they are not interested in your products and are thus beyond your reach.

Now only a few left the intention to buy your products. And what are you doing? You are creating all your content to sell your products or services.

How will those contents work for the 85% audience who are here just to get adequate information? Selling based content won’t be attractive to them, and you need to understand the difference.

Measuring Intent-Based Content

Every page of your website and every piece of content have different perspectives and thus different intent. If you use average metrics for all of your site pages, you will not get the desired result while measuring.

The effective way to measure the impacts of your content is to consider segmentations. Through proper segmentation, you will be able to divide your various pages according to their intent, and that will lead you to analyze the report effectively.

Before you dismiss certain pages from your website just because they are not getting desired traffic, be proactive and analyze your own measuring tool.

1. Interaction Rate

While you are measuring, you can use a few effective intent-based awareness metrics to get better results. Interaction rate is one of the effective matrices for measuring your number of Interactions, accounting for weight and also the size (like/followers) while you are posting something.

2. Awareness Display Campaign Ctr

The CTR of your content can be measured through the Awareness display campaign CTR. For instance, if your Google Ads are 0.35% and 1.91% consecutively for display and search, you will not be able to measure the average performance. But with the Awareness display campaign CTR, it can show that your average performance is 0.5-1%+ to your display.

3. Social Engagement Rates

This is another effective measuring tool to consider your marketing aspects through the contents related to the specific intents. As per this tool, a good engagement rate is considered from 1% to 5%.

If you are busy with consumers, it will be harder for you to achieve such conditions.

Are you getting the point?

The more followers you have, the chances you will lose the rate. And this tool will remind you to express your content according to the intent.

What Have You Missed!

To express the bottom line, you have missed Google Analytics and also Google Data Studio. They will help you to segment your pages better with minimal harassment. You need to be informational and commercial, depending on the intent of your consumers.

If you wish to be in the traffic, you will understand that there is a chance for you to measure your performance by segmenting your different pages.