What Are the Most Popular Things to Do in Jamaica?

If you’re visiting Jamaica, you may be wondering – Can you ride ATVS in Jamaica? This article will answer this question, as well as provide you with information about ATV tours on the island. You’ll also discover hidden villages and beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. You can find out more about these tours and how to book them here. You’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of riding an ATV in Jamaica!

Jerk chicken

While in Jamaica, don’t miss sampling jerk chicken. This spicy, delicious chicken dish is one of the most famous, and one of the most popular things to do in Jamaica. You’ll want to try the dish at least once to truly experience the island’s flavor and culture. The chicken is marinated overnight and roasted over medium heat. To experience it firsthand, visit a roadside stand and watch the people butterfly the chicken over a pit.

Jerk chicken is a traditional street food in Jamaica that grew out of Maroon cooking techniques. To experience this flavorful dish in its authentic form, you should make the trip to Jamaica. If you can’t afford to buy chicken, you can also find jerk chicken being cooked on street corners by men. The process starts early in the morning, so you’ll have plenty of time to see him cook it.

River rafting

If you’re a nature lover, river rafting in Jamaica is an ideal activity. You’ll experience the peaceful beauty of the river while floating through the jungle. Enjoy the lush vegetation and rare species of wildlife. Afterward, head back to the shore for a relaxing beach party. Listed below are some of the best places to go river rafting in Jamaica. Read on to learn more.

Snorkeling in Jamaica is a great way to enjoy the lush tropical landscape. The Caribbean waters are incredibly clear and often have a gentle current, which makes it safe for children. You can take a guided tour or go snorkeling in one of the many protected coves. There’s a lot to see and do on a trip to Jamaica, so make sure to plan enough time to do everything.

Exploring Jamaica’s past

Whether you’re interested in rum, slaves, the culture of the island’s indigenous peoples, or a little of all of them, you can find it all in a short visit to Jamaica. The island was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. The Spanish claimed it in 1519 and later ruled it as a colony until 1655, when the English arrived and settled there. The island soon became an important producer of coffee, sugar, and rum, and was a major trading post between Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, the native population was not very prosperous during this time, and most of them were forced into manual labor or sold into slavery.

The first colonial constitution gave the settlers considerable power. The governor governed by appointing a council of senior settlers, who advised him on the country’s affairs. The first Jamaican Prime Minister, Norman Manley, was a strong negotiator, who helped Jamaica become a modern, democratic nation. While the settlers were eventually deprived of their power with the imposition of direct Crown colony rule in 1866, they retained some power for several decades, and the first constitution was retained until 1944.


There are a few main points to visit when you’re in Jamaica. First, you should visit Treasure Beach, which stretches for 6 miles. This beach offers a laid-back Caribbean vibe, but it’s also a popular surfing destination, so be sure to exercise caution and use a life jacket. After your swim, take a leisurely stroll along the quiet river ‘lime’, which runs through the town.

You can also go on horseback tours along the coastline of Jamaica. You can take a tour on a horse, where the animals love to swim, and then enjoy the view of the Caribbean Sea. Once you’ve finished, you can go on a 15-minute dip in the Caribbean Sea. If you’re not quite a horseman, you can also rent a board and take a surfing lesson to gain some experience.

Walking routes

While in Jamaica, you can hike several beautiful walking routes. Cockpit Country Trail is an excellent option for those who want to get outdoors and explore Jamaica’s beautiful countryside. The walk is about 30 minutes from Montego Bay and about an hour from Falmouth. You will experience beautiful scenery and beautiful waterfalls along the way. It is not recommended for the faint of heart, so guided tours are recommended.

Hiking is a great way to experience the fresh air of a new place. Hiking in Jamaica is among the best things to do in the Caribbean, with numerous walking routes and trails around the island. Hiking allows you to experience the island’s time in an intimate way. During the day, you can enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the many restaurants and cafés. If you don’t have much time to hike, consider staying at a resort where you can easily get around.