4 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Business in 2022

With the boom of technology in modernity, one of the most appealing business plans for entrepreneurs is having an eCommerce business. The pandemic era made the eCommerce business succeed, as it has never succeeded before, and in the post-pandemic, we see the online business still on top. But the popularity of eCommerce business, its competition has grown too, and to have a leading position in the market, eCommerce business entrepreneurs have to constantly make improvements to make the business grow. 

In this article, read about the ways to grow your online store business in 2022 that you may not have considered. 

1. Hire excellent web developers

 Each serious eCommerce company has to have its own website and to build a website for a company, and the entrepreneurs need to hire eCommerce web developers, web designers, and content writers. Web developers are the people who provide the programming part of the website by coding. You can encourage your developers to use some tools that can facilitate their job. You can consider using tools like Flatlogic, which is the best low-code application development platform

2. Hire competent content writers

The key to successful communication is being able to deliver the right message. That’s what content writers do. They are responsible for everything related to texts. They write and edit texts for blogs, proofread, translate, write subtitles for the videos, etc. Sometimes they also do the job of social media managers and answer the questions of customers. Having competent content writers is very important because verbal communication is the most powerful and convincing one. 

3. Improve customer service

Having customer service is a sign of a respectful company. There is no famous brand in the world that does not have customer service. These people are the ones who are there for customers 24/7 in case they have problems related to the bought product. The customer service team usually works in shifts to be able to solve the problems of customers located in different time zones. Customer service jobs are the ones that require strong communication skills, and these specialists have to be really outgoing and sociable to be able to execute them properly. 

It is very important to have customer service specialists who can solve the problems of clients and be able to apologize for the poor service and the bad experience of the clients. 

4. Automate some working processes

Automation for eCommerce is vital to make some dull and repetitive processes be accomplished faster. Automation tools can be implemented in various processes of the work. For example, you can automate the inventory management by auto-deleting the products from the lists when they are finished and re-publish them when they are back in stock. Or another example of automation of business processes is the implementation of such tools as website chatbot or ads managers. 

5. Use upsells

Maximizing your revenue per order is critical. You can offer upsells pre-purchase, in-cart, and after purchase do this. AfterSell’s one click upsells are a solid option for in checkout and post purchase upselling.


As already mentioned, eCommerce businesses have to be constantly improved to withstand the competition. The eCommerce business entrepreneurs have to be constantly adapting to the news and trends in the market because the market is constantly changing. So do not hesitate to consider these four pieces of advice in case you are about to grow your business this year.