What Consistency in Link Building Mean for Your Marketing Strategy

About 58% of SEO professionals consider link building crucial for a good search engine ranking impact. Organic SEO is growing in popularity every day, which is understandable. Besides being long-term, the benefits are highly durable. Many businesses today use organic SEO strategies, including updating content regularly and targeting keywords.

Link building is another crucial organic SEO strategy. Building high-quality backlinks between your website and other websites take time and effort. Your pages receive more traffic, and these visitors remain on your pages for longer. The key to attracting high-quality traffic is to build links consistently. It may be a good idea for your business to consider hiring a professional link-building service company. It would be best if you practiced link-building always for the following reasons.

You Develop a Killer Link Profile

Developing a quality link profile requires consistent link building. Acquiring links from various websites on different branded and non-branded keywords is best to achieve the best results. It is more important to link to unique domains than to link to previously linked sites. 

Google ranks pages based on the number of unique domains linking to them, according to a Moz study. You will rank higher if your backlink profile is more diverse. In addition, the authority of the websites linking to you matters. So it would help if you got authority backlinks from several authoritative websites and did not focus too much on one website. Over 60% of businesses outsource their backlinking activities to improve their impact.

Makes Your Content More Discoverable

As part of link building, your website should also have a good network of internal links, so your customers can find relevant content quickly. Your readers can learn more about the benefits of solar panels and how much energy they can save by clicking a few relevant internal links in a blog about solar panels. 

By providing users with access to the content they want to read, you will retain high-intent traffic on your website for extended periods. You have a better chance of advancing them into your pipeline if you do this.

Creates Topic Clusters to Retain Traffic 

By encouraging visitors to browse your website for a while, you can create more opportunities to pitch to them and qualify them for your pipeline. By making your content high-quality and clustering it through a complex interlinking system, you can achieve a higher browsing time. 

If users read about solar panels, they would like to learn how they benefit, their cost, and what they can do for the environment. You can retain potential customers by keeping these topics readily accessible.

Consistent Top-Grade Links Boost Your Ranking

According to research from Moz to Neil Patel, quality links are one of the best indicators of your website’s ranking. Furthermore, Google publicly stated that backlinks and content are major ranking factors. 

However, quality matters more than quantity: accumulating more backlinks doesn’t guarantee a higher ranking. When determining the strength of your link, search engines consider several factors, including the authority and relevance of the linking website.

You may be familiar with referral traffic’s power. A recent article in Buzzfeed featured a link to Sophie & Trey, a leading fashion brand. A sudden spike in traffic caused Sophie & Trey’s servers to crash, resulting in a spike in sales for the first time!

Keep Your Brand Relevant

You generate fresh, new content regularly when you consistently build links. Keeping your customers updated on the latest trends and updates in your niche keeps you relevant and makes you a valuable link exchange partner. Search engines can also benefit from it. 

For nearly a decade, Google’s Freshness Update has played a vital role in its ranking algorithm. By producing topical and evergreen content, you can gain an edge over your competitors’ stale content in areas like the latest news, events, politics, celebrities, and trends.

Qualifies You Referral Traffic

Consistent backlinking is not just about ranking well on search engines. Search engines do not drive all your traffic – many come from other websites, social media pages, forums, etc. 

Visitors to your website are pre-qualified leads looking for solutions from your company. The more links you build for your website, the greater the chances you will bring in more traffic from new sources.


It may not seem easy to build links. You can detangle a lot of these complications when you have clear goals to achieve. In digital marketing and SEO, link building is critical, and professional services are highly beneficial to your brand.