Top 3 easyMarkets Review By Customers For 2022

A worldwide broker with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services sector is EasyMarkets. Through its trading platform, easyMarkets is simple and has various distinctive features that beginners find appealing. But easyMarkets is expensive, has a limited range of tradeable goods, and lacks market research.

Top 3 easyMarkets Review By Customers


1. Branden Robertson, IT specialist and trader, London


EasyMarkets is average. This broker has a moderate deposit, an out-of-date training program, no copy trading services, and no investment plans. According to an IT expert, their platform is okay, but you will need more than one platform to get you farther. Some other services are missing. I would rather have everything a broker provides go somewhere for information, services, or better terms. Spreads, commissions, and the option of payment schemes all have my support. Of fact, there are more resources, but only some require a large number of them.

2.  Einar Considine, student, and trader, Sydney

I had a reasonable opinion of the broker. The website is uncomplicated and uncomplicated; there is no “information on personal request” or “it is secret.” I immediately signed up, topped off my account with Visa, then paid with Neteller. There were no issues, and everything moved quickly. It took me a while to figure out what the bonus was. What is withdrawable, what is not, and how do you close? Yes, the minimum deposit still determines the bonus value. Therefore I do not advise expecting a tempting 50% payoff. The deal is far more crucial; the bonus is just eighth in line. Here, everything runs smoothly.

3.  Will Murazik, professional trader and investor, Manila

Should novice traders consider working with EasyMarkets? Yes. Should we consider it an available choice? Probably not. I’ll start with the advantages. The broker is highly dependable; the minimum deposit is ideal; many trading instruments are accessible; there is a demo account and analytical services to control the market and make informed judgments. However, the EasyMarkets review strongly emphasizes becoming a broker for active clients. This broker is intended for seasoned traders. Although there is instructional information, it is insufficient. From personal experience, watching pros at work is just as valuable as reading books and viewing videos.

How to Choose an Online Broker in Australia

Beyond branding and marketing, Australian brokers strive to differentiate themselves from one another. But once you have a funded account and become a client, your trading experience matters most. Here are some pointers to bear in mind while you choose the best online trading platforms in Australia:

  • Read the trading costs’ fine print: The price of trading shares can vary depending on several factors, including the amount traded, the type of asset, the quantity, and the exchange. View the entire commission structure before choosing a broker, then consider how it relates to the size and frequency of your portfolio.
  • Make sure your broker offers the asset class you want to trade. Any broker will serve you if you trade Australian stocks; therefore, there is no issue. However, you must choose a broker who supports those products if you wish to trade foreign stocks, options, FX, or futures. Read the small print to compare potential service benefits for active traders.
  • One benefit of being an active trader is getting discounted trades: Some brokers will improve the caliber of the market information streaming into the account. Others will provide dedicated customer support or access to superior research resources.
  • Customer support: All investors seek out quick connection times and friendly staff when contacting a brokerage for account-related questions. Support quality and timeliness can vary, just like with every firm. Once you’ve narrowed it down to two brokers, give them both a call and probe them with a few questions. This quick activity may give you much insight into what to anticipate as a customer.
  • Account Safety: Is two-factor authentication offered? What is the security policy of the broker? How your assets are continuously secured and protected?


Overall, this easyMarkets review has all the details required to make a trading decision. The easyMarkets platform is a superior market maker than others, as was already mentioned. The forex broker lets you concentrate on your trading objectives because they hold licenses from international regulators and use the most significant security measures. Additionally, there are many ways to prevent you from losing more than your initial investment. You can trade using the assets and platform of your choice.