Understanding PR and Why Companies Use Them

Companies of all sizes can benefit from public relations (PR). As an example, creating a positive image requires a strategic approach through public relations. Companies and organisations also use public relations to build relationships with their audience. That is why so many companies engage a PR agency to help companies develop PR plans and implement them.

What is PR?

PR may be considered as a bridge in an ideal world. An important role of PR is to link a company with the public and portray the company as positive as it can be for its audience. Through public relations, businesses can steer people’s opinions about a company towards their PR goals.

In PR, there are two types of public relations: positive and negative.

The purpose of public relations in business is to highlight a company’s achievements, innovations, and positive news, thus enhancing its identity and reputation. Press releases, digital publishing platforms, or even social media can be utilised by a company to disseminate positive PR, as can traditional and digital channels.

In contrast, negative PR aims to minimize damage. Negative news or publicity can damage a company’s reputation. This is where PR comes in. Even if the damage is already done, PR can help turn things around.

Reasons why businesses use PR

PR has a wide range of strategies designed to build, maintain, or improve a company’s brand awareness.

For example, a tech company requires more than advertising to promote and build its brand awareness. PR is the art of getting positive and free publicity and endorsements, and a technology PR agency is a master in this space. An effective PR campaign from the agency can generate excitement about a product or service and make it a newsworthy piece covered by countless media.

Besides that, here are some other ways PR can benefit your company:

  • Using free or paid media, PR can influence public opinion towards your business.
  • Media relations events are also a part of PR.
  • Public relations manages government and investor relations.

What you can do to hire the best PR agency for your company

A PR agency should be chosen with consideration and observation.

Do your homework in searching for candidates

Various PR agencies exist. It’s not a good idea to pick one at random. It is important to do your research, find the agency that grabs your attention, and review their portfolio, press releases, advertorials, and case studies.

Referrals from others

Whenever possible, you should hear other people’s perspectives on something. If you know someone who has worked with a PR agency in the past, speak with them. Find out how they felt about the agency in question. What you want to know is how the agencies work, how they handle their clients, and what they do well and poorly.

Consider this example: if you plan to expand into Singapore, the potential agency that should help you should also be a communications agency referred by professionals in your industry. As a result, they will know how to create a tailored strategic communication strategy for the Singapore market.

Worth your investment

Once you know your PR agency candidates, determine how much you are willing to spend on PR. An expensive PR agency isn’t always more effective. Ingenious, small PR firms can be just as effective.

Ask them how they will help you achieve your goals, and explain why you want to work together. Be transparent and professional from the onset if you intend to sign a contract. Beware of contracts that set things in stone. An agency that is open to negotiations for your future needs during the campaign is the best one to work with.

To summarise, strategic PR approaches will help your company reach new heights.

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