7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Battle 2042

Battle 2042 is the most popular first person shooter game series, and the game is quite different from that of the previous games we see in the Battlefield formula. The major alterations such as we see in the class system that is completely revamped and specialists now have unique skill sets. Many of the players are not content with the changes made in the game, but it is observed that despite the changes, Battlefield 2042 is surfacing as the improved version with more to offer to its players.

There are things that need to be figured out in Battlefield 2042 that even the most experienced players are not aware of. The players can improve their gameplay with Battlefield 2042 cheats and hacks from Levicheats website. Use these hacks to take your gameplay to the next level.

Here, some best tips and tricks are gathered especially for the beginners as well as veterans to gain a good knowledge of features they do not know about.

1. Farm XP With Casper’s Drone

One of the new things that most players do not know of is that they can farm XP with the specialist Casper. Casper’s drone is easy to use and can also spot enemies. Do not fly the drone too close to the enemies to protect from getting shot down. The drone assistance will have you rack up plenty of XP through this method.

2. Heal Faster

In Battlefield 2042, Falck Is the only medic available in the game that works as a support specialist. Falck also allows you to heal your teammates from a distance with its S21 Syrette Pistol, and you can even self-heal to full health if you are injured. You can self-heal by shooting the pistol on the ground or the wall and walking into it.

3. Create, Rename, And Delete Loadouts

In Battlefield 2042, there are a generous amount of loadouts that can be accessed by the players. These loadouts are easy to adapt on the field as it is sometimes a hassle to change things manually. Switching things manually can be a real mess as you have to pick the weapons, and the attachments and then fix up the Plus System.

You can rename your loadouts and can also delete all the previous loadouts to make room for the new ones. If you want to be better prepared, you need to have more loadouts to win the battle.

4. Throwable Objects Disappear After Death

In first-person shooter games it is common that the throwable objects such as the explosives and turrets etc disappear after a few seconds of the player’s death, but in Battlefield 2042 it is instant, the second the player goes down, all the throwable objects disappear at the same moment.

5. Change Ammo Type When You Run Dry

When the players run out of their ammo, they don’t need to go searching for weapons to collect. The player just has to switch to a different ammo type to gain access to a separate ammo. This way you are always in the fight even if you run out of bullets.

Having said that, you need to make sure that you are aware of different ammo types and its pros and cons in order to have a better use of the ammo type you are switching to.

6. Attachments are not always reliable

The description the player gets about the ammos does not always serve the purpose as it is told. There are some attachments that have hidden bonuses which the players need to discover

You can figure out  the reliability of any attachment best for your weapon by using it against the bots in solo fights or testing them out yourself though it is a time consuming procedure.

7. Level Up Weapons Against Bots

When you have unlocked a weapon and now you are trying to get an attachment for it in a multiplayer player game mode can be very difficult sometimes, just switch to a solo or co-op game mode with bots to get it done. The tip here is to play beginner bots on Kaleidoscope which is the smallest map in the game.

To level up in a Battlefield 2042 game you need to have kills, and every kill you get against a bot will help you unlock more attachments for your specific weapon. This method is easier to unlock attachments than playing in a multiplayer mode.