The USA Toll-free Numbers for Business: Explore the Frontiers

The virtual number looks like a regular one but the connection is made via the Internet using the IP protocol. Such numbers are not tied to a specific place so the communication will be available anywhere in the world (it works only in those locations with Internet connection). Such a solution is especially popular among companies that need additional features provided by SIP telephony: multichannel, telephony integration with CRM, call recording, etc. 

There’s no binding to the region and even the country. Wherever a user with configured IP telephony is located, calls can be made at uniform rates. This applies to both domestic and international trips. You just need to be in the Wi-Fi coverage area. It’s easy to purchase any number you need. This can be a telephone number of the desired region, federal, or mobile. In addition, numbers from other countries are available with a small monthly fee for profitable foreign calls. 

The setup process is performed without the operator’s office visiting. You can really get a phone number just staying in your home and using it. This is a full-fledged number with the ability to receive both calls and messages (if the selected type provides for such), which means that there’s a possibility to replace your old mobile number with it. When we talk about big companies, then it should be mentioned toll-free numbers, which are additional features that are not really suitable for ordinary people but are regarded as a real find for big companies.

Who benefits from a toll-free number? 

Most often this service is used mainly by big organizations: banks, travel companies, as well as many others. Such numbers are usually needed in order to provide round-the-clock communication. The call scheme is carried out as follows:

  • An incoming call goes to a short number.
  • The call is forwarded to the actual phone number.
  • The call is accepted by the operator.
  • The fee for the call is charged from the owner of the number.

The peculiarity is that this type of virtual number is not tied to a SIM card and belongs to the server. The price depends on many factors. For example, you can get a toll free number for USA due to the Freezvon Company with various area codes and the setup fee is fixed at $10, the same as the monthly subscription fee – $23.

Reasons to connect toll-free number

  • It is possible to support mass calls that are relevant in large companies.
  • It’s easy to get a hotline.
  • The solution helps reduce the company’s communication costs.
  • It positively influences the geographic expansion for business.
  • It is also possible to increase the number of incoming calls when buying such a number. This is especially true for a business that relies on regular conversations with customers.
  • The personal data of clients is securely protected.
  • Customers will be able to get a response to all the questions from technical support in a short time.
  • The Freezvon Company offers the opportunity to pay for services in various ways.
  • The client can be sure of the quality and stability of communication.
  • You can set a ban on receiving calls to a virtual number. The caller will hear a standard phrase about the switched off phone or the absence of the subscriber in the network.
  • The connection is made within 24 hours. However, this time may increase when connecting exotic numbers.
  • It is possible to purchase numbers from more than 90 countries

Thus, today 800 numbers are quite popular. Anyone can go to the site and get acquainted with all the services. This number is necessary for large companies and there is no need to buy a SIM card. If you have any questions, you can contact the experts. They will tell you in detail about the features of cooperation and the purchase of numbers. Moreover, specialists will advise you and help to develop an optimal plan for implementing SIP telephony with virtual numbers.

IP telephony is easy to use, inexpensive, and has great features. The quality of communication depends on the provider, the stability of the Internet channel, and the mobile SIP application. A trustworthy Freezvon provider excludes packet loss, changes in waiting periods for packet transmission, and connection breaks. Your clients will always be in touch.