The 2022 World Cup betting – why is that the most popular even in the Pin Up betting line 

The biggest single sporting event on the planet is the World Cup. Also this is the most popular event among the bettors because soccer is the NO.1 sport with the biggest bet number. For sure this year’s championship was one of the most interesting for both – bettors and fans, because of the significant changes that took place. The 2022 World Cup games were played in Qatar which is also not traditional for this event. Because of all these facts, the was offered that wide betting line and the highest odds in history. And even though this event is finished now there are still so many things to talk about. For example, the biggest bets in history which were made during the World Cup and the most popular outcomes. All this information and even more you will find on this page below. Read it to be prepared for the next season and increase your chances of winning bets. 

The best bets on the World Cup in 2022 – the choice of the Pin Up bettors during this season 

It should be noted that the World Cup 2022 was the last with 32 teams. From the next season, there are will be 48 teams that will take part in this event so bettors will get even more great chances to make the winning bet, And here is the list of the most popular outcomes for the World Cup 2022 in Pin Up sportsbook:

  • The outright. These bets were made on the winner of the World Cup 2022. Bettors had the opportunity to bet on any team with some really interesting odds. For sure that was the most popular bet. 
  • The winner of the group. Also a great bet for the bettors with any experience. Here bettors will make a bet on the team which will become the winner of the group. There were also available additional bets (win all matches in the quartet/will suffer 3 defeats/score a certain number of points, etc.).
  • They advance to the semi-finals. It’s similar to the previous bet but here bettor will have to turn on the imagination and intuition!

That’s not even half of all the bets which were available before and during the World Cup 2022 in the PinUp betting line. And the next season of such an important competition will be the same great so it’s better to start your preparation for that now.

The biggest bets on World Cup in 2022 – updated information 

During the analysis of the most popular bets on World Cup 2022, you might also try to find information about the biggest bets. Unfortunately, there are no such statistics for the whole of India, but in Pin Up, sportsbooks bettors had the chance to make a bet with the biggest limits for the whole history of this brand. And because of that high odds, this bet of a few thousand USD has become a huge amount of cash. 

For sure that event is not available for bets anymore but there are will be so many great events in 2023 that you will have the chance to hit the jackpot. And because of the high popularity of soccer, the odds will be great too so your winnings will be the biggest ever.