Recognizing custom silicone mold manufacturer & silicone products

Silicone is a very characteristic material. Through the processing of custom silicone mold manufacturer and silicone products manufacturer, silicone can show great value to society. Silicone production is a systematic project. Many people think that silicone is better, but they don’t know what’s better than TPU plastic.

Understanding Silicone Materials

First, the material is a kind of rubber, high-quality is pure natural, and TPU is a popular soft plastic in the market.

Two, the price does not consider the case of additional special processes, the price of is certainly more expensive than TPU, mainly determined by scarcity and manufacturing cost.

Three, health maybe some people will say that is more healthy for the human body, but from daily use, sleeve and TPU adsorption capacity of bacteria and oil is almost the same. Custom silicone mold manufacturer‘s compression molding technology can help silicone materials to maximize their performance performance.

Features of silicone products manufacturer

Four, the appearance of materials is limited, such as adding different pigments in the material and doing different bright colors. At this point, TPU has obvious advantages. Because of its very good injection molding performance, TPU can do many processing processes, such as painted patterns,3D relief feel, electroplating can become very high-end, and can also spray leather oil, fur oil, and so on. Overall, the physical characteristics of TPU material are relatively outstanding, but each protective shell has its own advantages. This is also a challenge for silicone products manufacturers.

The silicone protective shell has high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, and high mechanical strength. The main characteristics of TPU are low viscosity, good flexure resistance, excellent wear resistance, and high gloss. custom silicone mold manufacturer can also Learn production skills from the characteristics of TPU materials.

Since rubber and plastic were discovered in the early days, no one could know the value of their existence, but it was used in some playthings, leather balls, and so on. However, with the change in time, was gradually developed and was not widely used in the early days.

What is a custom silicone mold manufacturer?

Following, since the rise of silicone in the 1940s, it has been widely used in the military. In European and American countries, many arms manufacturers use natural rubber and special rubber to make accessories for weapons. At that time, there was no silicone products factory that is now said to be a simple homemade workshop.

Silicone products manufacturer needs to coordinate all aspects of silicone production. Because it can be used to keep the best parts of firearms for a long time, it was gradually developed by scientists to the present day without its use it would have no value.

For the transformation of the nineties organic silicon and change and technology unceasing development, silicone rubber products in the society have a certain sense, is best known for the JiuJi silicone products in our country just started years ago made industrial parts, rubber seal products auto parts are changing as a product to make, because the outstanding in performance and environmental protection idea so Silicone rubber products were used for replacement.


Later, silicone products gradually come into our life, home products, accessories, and so on. With the maturity of the process, the process of the industry is also constantly improved to now can make a lot of products can not think of the process. Now the industry has been inseparable from us, and the value of its existence may be that it can bring us a better life!