How to Apply Window Decals

Decals are fun and one of the best ways to advertise the products and services of your business. You can place a decal on the window of your car or the window of your store. Most window decals are designed to be placed efficiently. There are two types of window decals available in the market: static cling and adhesive.

Keep in mind that the installation process of these two types of decals is different. Adhesive window decals can be placed easily. However, you need to use the wet method to install the static cling window decals. Therefore, you need to be aware of the proper installation method to utilize the benefits of the window stickers. Continue reading the article to know more about the installation process of the window decals.

Determine the Perfect Location of the Sticker

This is one of the most important tips you should know before applying a window decal. Remember that the visibility and effectiveness of the window decals are dependent on the location of the stickers. Therefore, you need to be careful while placing them. Additionally, keep in mind that the adhesive of the window decals will be damaged if you try to reposition the sticker. Additionally, consider the temperature before applying the sticker. Make sure the temperature is between 10-20 degrees Celsius.

If you’re placing the window decals on the outdoor side of your storefront window, make sure the weather is clear. Don’t install the stickers on windy or rainy days. Apply the sticker where the natural light is perfect.

Clean the Glass

This is another important tip you need to remember before applying the window decals. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly before installing the window decals. Many people forget to clean the surface before they apply the stickers. This is why the adhesive becomes damaged and the stickers come off quickly. The dust and other outdoor elements on the glass surface are dangerous for the stickers. Make sure you clean the area with a sponge and a solution of water and soap. Don’t use any window cleaning product as it might leave some residues behind that will prevent the decals from sticking. As per Green cleaning products, most window cleaning products contain ammonia.

After you clean the glass, let it dry in natural air. Don’t apply the stickers instantly after cleaning the glass surface. Additionally, avoid using a paper towel or cloth to clean the windows. This is because they might leave behind dust particles.

Remove Bubbles from the Stickers

After you’re done cleaning the surface, it’s time to apply the stickers. However, if you’re not an experienced person, you might make mistakes while applying the stickers that will develop bubbles and wrinkles. These bubbles will affect the visibility as well as the appearance of the window decals. Therefore, you need to take the necessary measurements to get rid of the bubbles. Use any material such as such credit card that has think edge. Take the credit card and place it on top of the sticker. After that, rub it along the bubbles to squeeze them out. Make sure you don’t use any sharp object such as a knife as the shape edge can damage the sticker Make sure you apply enough pressure to squeeze the bubbles completely.


These are the top 3 important tips you should know to apply window decals. Remember that the process of applying window decals is time-consuming. Therefore, be patient and don’t make mistakes.