Top 3 Tips to Make Customized Welcome Home Banner

Spending years without seeing your loved ones is difficult. You become sad during their time of departure but become happy to know that you’ll meet with them soon enough. As the homecoming day comes close, you become excited and start planning for a great welcome home party. Whether you’re welcoming your son from his job in the military or welcoming your loved one from their time in hospital, the welcome home events are undoubtedly special and touching. You might have seen surprising homecoming videos on the internet, but not all homecoming moments are captured on the internet. Most of the homecoming events are planned days before their arrival and excited friends and family members wait to welcome the special person at the airports or homes, usually holding an attractive welcome home banner.

Are you waiting for someone you love to come home after a long time? If so, don’t forget to make them cheerful with a customized welcome home banner. Before you start shopping for your welcome home banner, make sure you consider some essential things. Here are the top 3 tips to make a customized welcome home banner.

Consider the Occasion or Event

When to come to buying a high-quality and emotional welcome home banner for someone you love, you need to determine the specific type of occasion for which you’re purchasing the banner. Is your special person coming home from a long business trip or returning home after serving your country for a couple of months? Maybe your loved one is coming home after staying abroad for years or returning after having a baby. Once you determine the venue or primary motive of the occasion, you can make easy decisions regarding your welcome home banner such as the design of the banner, the specific messages, and most importantly, the perfect location of the banner.

Buy the Relevant Banner

When you determine when, where, and how to display your welcome home banner, it will help you shortlist the perfect type of banner relevant as per your requirement. For instance, if you think that you’ll place or hang the welcome home banner outside where the materials will be exposed to various outdoor materials, you need to choose a fade-resistant vinyl welcome home banner. As per Home décor bliss, moisture might affect the vinyl. On the other hand, if the climate condition of your location indicated rain, you need to purchase a water-resistant welcome home banner. The standard welcome home banner will work fine if you plan to display them indoors.

Determine the Size of the Banner

Welcome home banners are available in different sizes and shapes. The small banners are somewhat between two feet by two feet whereas; the large welcome home banners could be 30 feet by 120 feet. Depending on the location and venue of the occasion, you need to determine the size of the welcome home banners. Before placing an order, you need to know which size is perfect for your event. Keep in mind that small welcome home banners are easy to install and dismantle. But you might face minor difficulties with large welcome home banners.


These are the top 3 tips you need to remember to make eye-catching welcome home banners. There’s no better way than the welcome home banners to showcase your love to your special person. Make sure you invest in high-quality welcome home banners to enlighten the event.