Health and safety management system: advantages and data security concern

Once upon a time, it was difficult even to imagine the presence of the Internet everywhere, where it is needed for work. And today, it is a reality. As well as the electronic health and safety management system.

Information technologies defined

Information technologies are currently used in almost all spheres of society. In recent decades, they have been actively integrated into medicine. In the European Union, for example, during the last 15 years, about 500 million euros were directed to scientific research in the field of medical informatics.

Medical information technologies are a set of methods and means that enable the processing of medical data in integrated technological systems for the creation, use, storage, transmission, and protection of an information product. The use of medical information technologies occurs when solving tasks in the field of medical information systems.

HMS (Health Management System)

A health management system is a tool that allows you to determine and plan all the resources of a healthcare institution through the use of specialized software, computer equipment, necessary medical equipment, and communication tools. It supports the financial, administrative, management, safety, accounting, and service activities of the institution to form a positive reputation as an employer.

Specialized HMSs take into account all the peculiarities of activity in a specific medical institution and therefore are more effective. Universal ones use common components, typical for most healthcare institutions and their divisions. The use of the HMS enables control over the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment process and a higher level of safety for employees.

Benefits of HMS

This is one of the most powerful systems, which continues to develop and helps medical institutions maintain their reputation as an employer and provide quality medical services.

Let’s discuss the advantages of having a health and safety management system.

#1 More opportunities to comply with regulatory requirements

Regardless of the industry, you operate in, your business has its own regulatory requirements and standards that must be followed. However, not everyone understands that your business won’t either if your management technology doesn’t meet standards like ISO 9001 or ISO 13485.

Fortunately, one of the main benefits of a health and safety management system is that it demonstrates regulatory compliance while improving visibility and control over corporate information. Ready to get your business to a new level? Contact Otakoyi.Software

#2 Deeper business insights

HMS allows you to understand how data and business processes flow in your company, allowing you to evaluate them. Additionally, approval history and audit trails mean you can always track whether your documents meet security requirements.

#3 Improved document protection

Health management system keeps your information secure. It offers a single repository to better protect the important information you create every day. If important corporate data is stored on different resources: personal and corporate cloud drives, local storage, network resources, and other disparate locations, it is very difficult to control access to these resources. By combining all the data together, you will make this information less accessible to hackers and any third parties.

#4 Reliable search tools

Another problem related to the fact that the data is on different resources, and therefore it is difficult for you to find what you are looking for. This is especially noticeable if the volume of documents that pass through your company every day is large. Suppose the average search time for one document is ten minutes. In that case, it means that those ten minutes of your company’s employees were not doing anything useful to increase revenues and scale the business. Multiply the cost of lost opportunities by the total number of employees and the total amount of documents they may need each day, and you can get an idea of ​​how serious this problem can be.

However, with a proper document management system, all this disappears. At this point, it doesn’t matter WHERE something is stored because as long as your employees know WHAT they’re looking for, they’ll be able to find it.

#5 Improved interaction anytime and anywhere

The health and safety management system improves the interaction of team members regardless of location and time. Most projects are the result of the hard work of a team of people working in tandem with each other to do something more efficiently than they could do alone. Not to mention when it comes to medical projects.

#6 Data security

Data security is the primary task of both the medical management system and the state, especially now. Special attention to data security and the preservation of medical records, patient histories, and all other essential interactions is paid. Thanks to the fact that such systems are cloud-based and all data is stored on remote servers, access to the system may be closed for institutions in a few clicks, and all data will be saved.

A good trend in data security is the fact that from now on, only providers of medical systems that have a certificate of a comprehensive information protection system (CIS) and that fully meet all state security requirements will work on the market. One of the reasons for the decrease in the number of medical management systems on the market now is the lack of security certificates and failure to pass mandatory functional testing.

#7 Satisfied employees

For you, as an employer, implementing HMS can be highly beneficial. When your employees feel and know that their well-being and safety are a priority, they are more satisfied and willing to work, delivering outstanding results for your business.

#8 Higher profits

A lot of business owners in the healthcare industry doubt whether they need any management or information system for their facility. The main issue that comes up – is the investment needed to establish such a system. However, when you have such an HMS, you are preferable to employees, investors, clients, and potential partners. Obviously, it all leads to higher income and increased ROI. What is more, you get a chance to attract investors much faster.


Developing a health and safety management system may seem like a burden for you, considering you have so many other things to solve and worry about. Nevertheless, the benefits it brings definitely outweigh the possible difficulties it may cause. HMS implementation takes some time, though its influence is a long-lasting effect.