Expert in future marketing – T-model marketer

When we talk about multi-skilled people in working life and in top SEO Services, then we are looking for a person who controls everything. What is an expert in future marketing like?

When it comes to recruiting, one of my challenges has been defining a job description. The company’s core competency is based on digital marketing expertise, from which I would soon remove the term digital. In many cases, marketing is planned through a channel or technology, or at the corner of digital advertising, but in reality, marketing needs to be viewed more holistically.

I’ve come across the term “T-model marketer,” which I think best reflects our job description. Our team is not organized according to the salesman’s presentation to offer an individual campaign on Facebook, but always according to the customer’s current and changing needs. In fact, what we do is organized to make the end customer’s transactions easier, from awareness-raising to decision-making.

We develop and take action on those areas that currently require attention to make marketing a working entity. It can start with a marketing strategy that prioritizes the development of marketing components based on the company’s initial situation. After that, we will continue to work together on action planning, which will further define the practical implementation of marketing – and then get to work.

Our goal is to systematically develop effective marketing. We are not a “traditional world” advertising agency based on performance. We produce insights into the necessary development measures based on monitoring and analytics, not what is trendy in the marketing industry.

How is a T-model marketer different from a generalist or a specialist?

So, you’re looking for an expert after all? The answer to this is no. The strength of a T-model marketer is that he or she has the basics of different aspects of marketing and has a deeper background in the implementation of content marketing or paid advertising, for example. The example image below has typical areas that we are developing with our clients, but that doesn’t mean you should have in-depth knowledge of all of these and be a specialist in everything. We also use partners for, for example, the technical implementation of the website, video production, photography and, if necessary, content production.

A Local SEO agency is best suited to a factor that wants to develop an overall understanding of marketing and has done 1-2 sub-areas in the past. You may have control over the “palette” of paid advertising, but also basic knowledge of other aspects of marketing. You want to expand your knowledge of marketing and the more strategic skills. The next natural step can also be that you share your skills as an educator, immerse yourself in learning more about analytics, or jump into more challenging roles as a strategist.

Who is suitable for T-model marketing?

This is especially suitable for you if you want to be a factor for whom the marketing industry will continue to be in demand in the future. This work is not learned from the school bench but by doing, testing, analysing and applying what has been learned. By experimenting with new perspectives and getting to know things. The most important thing in the work of a future marketer is precise that we are talking about business development entities, not advertising impressions and clicks.

Channels are changing, usage patterns are changing, but I don’t think the basics of marketing are. If we always pay attention to the (end) customer when doing things, we are on the way to a better and more impressive direction.