I Bought Fin Feather Fur Camping Seats & Improved Our Trips!

As keen campers, myself and the wife have enjoyed getting out into the great outdoors since long before our kids were born. Our boys have a great affinity with nature because of it – hopefully something that will stay with them throughout their lives. However, there was something that we all had a problem with up until a visit to the Fin Feather Fur shop changed – night-time comfort.

 The issue we had was nothing to do with our sleeping arrangements, rather it related to the time we spent around the campfire. We’d been through a number of cheap camp chairs and we found them either too flimsy and breakable or just plain uncomfortable. 

So, I decided – after telling everyone that this was the last uncomfortable night camping would ever have – to splash the cash and get chairs that were up to the task.

Fin Feather Fur Has a Great Choice

The person who recommended this particular vendor to us had told us that their range was quite comprehensive and we found that to be true when browsing their website. After a brief search, I already identified the first great chair – for me and the wife.

What was described as a Kelty Loveseat was a great quality option and it was a little like a sofa, in that it allowed myself and my wife to sit next to each other and snuggle on cold nights. Naturally, it quickly found its way into my shopping cart.

Fantastic Outdoor Rockers 

After calling the boys in to take a look at what sort of chair they’d like, we settled on a couple of GCI outdoor rockers that looked super comfy, as well as robust and able to stand up to what young kids can put them through!

Super Fold-cook Station 

This was almost the last of our purchases from Fin Feather Fur, but we had one more to make. We hadn’t gone looking for it, but the GCI fold-cook station looked like just the thing for keeping everything organized at meal times. It wasn’t a massive problem, but being spared eating food with bits of grass on it after being left on the ground for a moment, was something I liked the sound of. 

These Products Have Transformed Our Trips

To say these Fin Feather Fur products changed our camping trips from then on would be something of an understatement, as they really have transformed them. Some of the most memorable times we have as a family are at dusk around the campfire and these great pieces of mobile furniture have made everything more comfortable and convenient. 

Being super-comfortable without having to hit the hay is such a bonus, as it essentially extends the usable time we have in the outdoors by a few hours every day. Now, that’s something worth investing in.

So, if you’re on the look-out for some transformative camping furniture of your own, you now know exactly where to start looking.