Do other Telegram users see the channel’s subscribers

How do I know if my users see my subscribers Telegram? This can be done in a few simple steps described in this article.

Whether subscribers in the channel are visible to other Telegram users

Telegram channel subscribers are people who constantly visit the channel page to view posts and photos. Creating good content is required to attract subscribers.

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Where to find subscribers to Telegram channel – visibility of members

With the help of recruiting the audience, you can effectively promote the channel and develop it. If the channel will have a few subscribers, you should not hope for an influx of live users, they will appear much faster if the number of subscribers reaches 1000 people or more. Promoted and active channels are much easier to attract advertisers. Therefore, channel promotion helps beginners not only to increase the number of users or views, but also to develop their channel.

The main thing here is uniqueness, usefulness and quality of content. The channel will get to the top of the internal Telegram search more quickly if it has a large number of subscribers. This nuance and other channels with placed ads help to ensure that the channel is recognizable and attracts a lot of live subscribers.

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Sources of Telegram subscribers – 5 ways where to get them

In order to increase the number of users of your Telegram channel, there are a number of ways:

  • Place ads in Telegram;
  • To use other channels for mutual PR;
  • To ensure that your channel is added to various directories. The Telegram network itself and third-party resources are used for this;
  • placement of advertising in other social networks;
  • You can use contextual advertising in different browsers (Yandex, Google).

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It is impossible to get acquainted with the subscribers of someone else’s channel. Only the channel owner or administrator can do this. Everyone else is not allowed access.

As has already been said, if it is not the account owner who wants to see, unequivocally no. It is clear that everyone wants to promote their channel as quickly as possible and make money on it. But you have to be very careful when it comes to promotion. It is better if the work progresses slowly, but with a long-term perspective with the maintenance of high quality. A little time will pass, and the positive result will not be long and there will be opportunities to earn money.

How to see subscribers in a Telegram group – other people’s and your own

Telegram messenger is daily increasing its popularity and is already taking away a significant part of the audience from the once very popular VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. The success lies in the simplicity, convenience, and a number of interesting features of the platform. You can channel, post, comment, connect with people, and even make calls – all from a simple interface with nothing extra.

A Telegram channel is not only a way to popularize your content, but also a way to make money. You can place advertising posts, make reviews of products and other things. Well, for channel owners to know their audience: whether there are bots and people who no longer use the messenger, there is a special function with which you can see the subscribers in the group.

How to see subscribers in a Telegram channel as a list

When you go to a large channel with a lot of people, the number of subscribers who are watching it is displayed next to the channel name. Notably, a regular user who is not the administrator of this community is not allowed to see the personal data of all participants. Let’s tell you how to do this administration via computer and smartphone.

On a smartphone, you first need to enter the community, and then click on the bar with the name, logo and number of subscribers, which is located at the very top. The channel administrator, unlike regular users, can find the “Members” section there, where there will be 2 lists: subscribers and administrators. Clicking on the tab with the former, you will see the nickname of the users, their phone numbers, if they have not hidden them in the privacy settings, as well as the date when the particular user was last online.

On the computer, the system is similar, and there, too, subscriber data can only be seen by special groups of people who administer the channel. Click on the “header” of the profile, where you will have access to the “Members” section. From there, everything is already clear.

To study the subscribers on your channel there is a special program – bots. Using them, you can find out how many active users you have on your channel, which ones come frequently, and which ones do not.

How to get subscribers in your Telegram group – live with a guarantee

The function of subscriber views is especially useful if you want to check the quality of the addicted subscribers. For example, you bought a few thousand real subscribers in a special service, and bots started enrolling you. To prevent this from happening, it is better to do Telegram subscriber recruitment. The service itself is cheap and quick, and you can order subscribers for both closed and open channels.