Create Professional Podcasts with Podcastle!

The growth of podcasts across the last decade has been remarkable. Podcasts provide content creators with an unmatchable amount of benefits and features.

Podcastle is a audio creation mobile app that allows content creators and podcast hosts to not only record their podcasts but also edit, curate, manage, share and create podcasts that sound great and keep listeners addicted.

Following a recent $9 million round of funding Podcastle was able to grow its user base by 200,000 in under one year, which is a fantastic achievement.


Podcastle allows the host to interview each guest with a separate trenbolone acetate 
audio track, edit and enhance each track separately, easily remove any background noise and put an edit together in just a few clicks.

In addition Podcastle provides streamlined recording, from guest coordination to audio publication, the ability to rethink podcasting and let your audience to listen while you record as well.

Using Podcastle it is possible to record the perfect take every time with uncompressed clear audio.

Audio Editor

The Podcastle audio editor is a free tool to create, edit and enhance their podcasts making splitting audio files simple and easy.

Using the audie editor, content creators can cut clips by selecting the time range or the exact duration, fade in and fade out podcast intros and outros, make speech even more clear by speeding up or slowing down voice and music alongside a wide selection of royalty-free music and sound effects.

Magic Dust

The Magic Dust compression tool comes in-built with the Podcastle product and helps content creators to improve the dynamic range of any audio content so you are heard loud and clear.

Using the Magic Dust tool podcasters can tweak their voice with just one click and the AI technology will help to make your voice sound like it has just undergone professional post-production.

With Podscastle’s Magic Dust it is possible to remove all the annoying background noises and furthermore isolate voice feeds to get excellent quality audio every time so you sound flawless.


Podcastle’s Revoice functionality makes it easy for podcast hosts to Convert text to speech with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies.

Mobile web app development specialist Elegant Media is always seeking ways to improve its services and products and mobile apps such as Podcastle really make audio recording and post-production a breeze.

The in-built voice skins sound amazingly humanlike making accurate, efficient and affordable AI transcription service available to all.

Users can utilise the in-built text editor to create and edit podcasts and in addition to being able to correct your recordings by just changing the text!

Podcastle even offers users through a Chrome Browser extension the facility to transform text on any website into audio podcasts in a matter of moments.

Even if you are an amatuer podcaster, Podcastle will help make all your audio output sound professional and crystal clear with high quality audio creations.

If you are an experienced podcaster or a junior content creator and have audio in your output then it is possible to maximise your audiences, interest, attention and spend using Podcastles in-built tools, features and facilities.

The Podcastle ios app development is free to download and use with pricing plans that depend on your requirement. You can even invite podcast guests directly through the App itself  making it  a podcast studio and rival to Spotify’s Anchor.

If you are considering becoming a professional podcaster or are involved with audio processing or audio recording then tools and mobile applications such as Podcastle are here to help your content sound the best it can be.