AMD presents AKEF Valorant Pro Scrims Highlights| Day 30

AMD, in partnership with Esports Monitor and BenQ, is proud to present AKEF Valorant Pro Scrims. This tournament will feature some of the top names in esports competing for prize money and bragging rights as they face off against each other in five-on-five team scrimmages. The entire Day 30 highlights are available for free streaming at loco platform.

Competitors will be playing on AMD Ryzen processors featuring Radeon Graphics Technology and Benq monitors. AMD technologies such as Ryzen Master allow gamers to unlock maximum performance while Benq’s advanced gaming monitor technology ensures smooth visuals from every angle and superior control of image quality. With the combination of powerful hardware and professional-level software, gamers can provision their systems for optimal performance and get ready for serious competition.

The tournament will be hosted on AMD’s AKEF Esports platform. This tournament-level event management platform provides players and organizers with a secure, reliable experience when it comes to organizing and managing esports tournaments.

Format of AMD AKEF Valorant Pro Scrims

The tournament will feature a 5v5 single-elimination bracket with matches played in a best-of-three series. All participating teams will receive their seeding and matchups via email before the tournament begins. The final two teams will then compete for the grand prize in a best-of-five match on Day 30. You can watch the tournament’s live stream on loco for free.

Highlights Day 30 – Match 1

The game is played on the Ascent Map. The two teams competing are FTW and AFM. In the first round, FTW are the defenders whereas AFM are the attackers. Both teams have 5 players each.

Players in the Team FTW are: 72 Eros, MAAYAVI, BETA, AKR21, and Sova

Players in the Team AFM are: iiTsDemon, TTV CalvertC99, Hades, TTV BeSakshi, and Yatta

Round 1 Starts with Buy Phase

AFM is hard pushing in with a bunch of lad fired in there. CalvertC99 is the first one to be eliminated. Sakshi goes in with a knife and tries to find a force before hiding.

Eros finding Demon. Last member alive taken down by the defenders.

  • Team ACE are Defenders. They won Round 1 by eliminating all 5 players from the other team. Only 1 player died from the Defenders team and the rest all 4 were alive.
  • Round 2 was also won by the Defenders very easily. They took 2 headshots in Round 2.
  • Round 3 was one by Attackers as they eliminated all 5 members from the other team while 2 players were alive from the Attackers team.
  • Round 4 was won by the Attackers. Now the game is tied at 2-2. It goes on neck to neck and keeps you at the edge of your seats.
  • Round 5 was won by the Attackers.
  • Round 6 was won by Defenders
  • Round 7 was Flawless as Defenders won it by eliminating all their rivals and only losing 1 team player.
  • Defenders won the Round 8 as Time got over for this round and attackers couldn’t win.
  • Attackers won round 9
  • Attackers won round 10

There were a total of 19 rounds and the final score was 13-6. Defenders won the Ascent Map game.

Final Player’s Scorecard shows that MAAYAVI had the best combat score of 348, followed by 72 Eros with a score of 323. BETA had the most number of PLANTS i.e. 4 times.

Psych had the lowest average combat score of 88 among all the players.

Highlights Day 30 – Match 2

The game is again played on the same location, i.e. Ascent Map. The two teams competing are NWO and DRK. NWO are the defenders whereas DRK are the attackers. Both teams have 5 players each.

NWO Players: EaZy, Mighty Y, z0eyy, CICADA, and RjDude

DRK Players: Mr. FliQ, Ghost, ASHFLIX, TrailBlazer, and DEADSOULgyt

The game started with both teams fighting for the glory and trying to eliminate the opposite team. After 20 rounds, the final scorecard was 13-7.

The Defenders won the game by 13-7 against the Attackers.

Final scorecard shows that Ghost had the best average combat score of 355, followed by z0eyy with 352 points. DEADSOULgyt had the most number of plants i.e. 6 while CICADA had the lowest combat score of just 137.

How does AMD’s partnership with Esports Monitor affect the tournament?

AMD’s partnership with Esports Monitor allows us to provide our participants with an enhanced gaming experience, including exclusive Benq monitors that are optimized for competitive gaming. Participants can rest assured that they will have the best equipment for the tournament and beyond.

AMD is committed to providing a premier gaming experience for all participants, and we are proud to offer our technical expertise and customer service at every stage of the tournament. Additionally, each team will have access to professional esports coaches to guide them through their matches. AMD representatives will also be available onsite during both days of competition should any team need assistance or have questions arise during play. We look forward to ensuring each participant has a thrilling and successful experience!

Timeline for the AMD AKEF Valorant Pro Scrims tournament

The tournament will begin on Day 29 and conclude with a grand finale match on Day 30 of the event. All qualifying matches will be held during the two days, with seeding and matchups announced via email before play begins so teams know who they are facing. Teams will compete in a best-of-three series during the qualifying rounds, and then the final two teams will battle it out for the grand prize in a best-of-five match on Day 30.

The winning team of AMD AKEF Valorant Pro Scrims will be determined by points earned in the qualifying rounds and final match. All teams competing in the tournament will receive points for each victory, with additional points awarded to teams that perform particularly well.

Is there a minimum skill requirement to compete in the tournament?

While there are not any specific skill requirements, teams are expected to be experienced and knowledgeable in competitive Valorant. In order to ensure fairness and an enjoyable experience for all participants, teams must be able to demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge of the game prior to being accepted into the tournament.

Teams competing in AMD AKEF Valorant Pro Scrims must adhere to the tournament rules and regulations provided on our website, which will be updated in the lead up to the tournament. Any changes or updates to these rules can also be found there.