7 Tips for Avoiding Recruitment Agency Software Scams‍

Recruitment software solutions can seem like a blessing, but they can also be a curse for businesses that aren’t prepared. Recruitment software is becoming more and more accessible to small to medium-sized businesses looking to source job applicants and employees from their network. However, this increase in access has also led to a rise in fraudulent companies and software scams. In order to protect your business from being targeted by these fraudulent agencies, you need to be aware of the different types of software scams that are out there and what you can do about them. Here are 7 tips for avoiding recruitment agency software scams

Be aware of fake reviews

When it comes to recruitment software, fraudsters are always looking for new ways to trick businesses into hiring them. One common way that they try to do this is by forging fake reviews. Fraudsters will often go to social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ and create fake profiles for businesses to try and get reviews. They will then go on to write fake reviews for the business, trying to make it seem like a real person wrote the review. This will often trick businesses into thinking that this particular software is legitimate, so they will then hand over all their customer data to the fraudsters. If you are running software for a recruitment agency, you need to be extra careful to make sure that you don’t get any fake reviews planted on social media channels. While it’s unlikely that the people around you would do this, it’s still something to be aware of.

Be wary of free trial offers

In order to get you to trial their software, scammers often offer to give you a free trial. This trial is usually very limited, offering to give you access to a small number of candidates before you have to pay them. This can often cause you to be rushed into making a decision, so you might try to get around this by taking a long time to decide or by making a hurried decision. They might also offer to help you with your hiring process by matching candidates to roles, sending them CVs, or suggesting them for roles. If you don’t need any of these help, be wary of free trials. You might be pressured into taking them up, or you might end up paying for a service that you don’t need or want.

Don’t hand over your bank account info

One of the major red flags that you should be aware of is fraudulent companies trying to get your bank account details. Remember that this is information that only your bank has access to and is not something that you should be handing over to anyone. If a company has contacted you to hand over this information to them, you need to be wary. There are a few signs that this has happened. Most commonly, the person who has contacted you will be extremely pushy, trying to pressure you into making a decision quickly. They will also want to hand over large sums of money all at once, so they will be a lot more likely to pressure you if they have a large amount of money they want to transfer over.

Fake training programs

Another red flag that you should be aware of is fake training programs. Resellers of recruitment software will often create fake online training programs to try and trick you into signing over your data to them. The software that they are selling might look very similar to the genuine offer, but it will be lacking certain features. One of the best ways to identify fake training programs is to compare the genuine training program with the fake one. If the fake training program contains information that is not in the genuine one, or if it looks like it has been cut and pasted, then you need to be wary.

Beware of illegitimate implementation services

A final red flag that you should be aware of is companies that offer implementation service. These companies will charge a monthly fee to use their software. However, this monthly fee will often be for access to all their data, so you need to be especially careful that they are legitimate. If you do end up signing up for one of these implementation companies, make sure that they are legitimate. You can do this by checking their reviews and seeing if they are offering a legitimate service that you need.

Final Word

Recruitment software can be a great way to source candidates for jobs and find employees who are a good fit for your company. However, unfortunately, there are also many fraudulent companies in the market that are trying to scam businesses out of their money. That’s why  Recruiterflow makes you aware of these red flags so that you can protect your business from these fraudulent agencies.