3 eCommerce Website Design Tips For an Appealing Website

Building a successful eCommerce brand is not easy. It requires much time, effort, money, and creativity if you want to gain competitive advantages and bring more sales. First impressions matter; your eCommerce website is the first thing your visitors will see when they want to shop with you. So, you need to create the kind of website design that’s attractive to the eye, pleasant, and goes well with your brand colors, values, and other elements. But how can you achieve this type of design? Is hiring a great e-commerce developer enough to get the job done, or should you consider partnering with a top e-commerce development company?
These companies bring not only the technical skills needed but also the industry insights that can significantly contribute to a website’s success.

If you have similar questions, it’s important to learn how to achieve such a website.  

Three major eCommerce website design techniques

Regarding eCommerce websites, they are different from SaaS ones or, let’s say, a digital marketing agency website. So, let’s discover some design tips to help you start the process. 

1. Use quality pictures and videos

If you’re selling products on your eCommerce store, you need to show those products in an attractive way for customers. Make sure to take professional pictures of products and add those successfully. Moreover, these pictures and videos will keep your website visitors engaged and will be more likely to stay with your eCommerce brand longer. Speaking of videos, they are becoming one of the most preferred content types in almost all industries. 

Adding detailed and quality visual content to your eCommerce website will also affect conversion rates and improve sales over time. In the meantime, don’t forget to make other website elements appealing, such as website chatbots. Different automation tools allow companies to create functional and well-designed chatbots. So don’t miss this opportunity. 

2. Use pop-ups for more engagement

Pop-ups are a favorite strategy by eCommerce brands as they help engage more customers, sell more efficiently, and yet not appear so promotional. Most of the time, you can use pop-up forms to gather email addresses and send newsletters. These newsletters can contain educational content on certain products, inform subscribers about your new products, and help you do more. While these are great for making your website design engaging, they can also be used for increasing sales in the long term. 

Moreover, by collecting email addresses, you can create your first customer database and use it for other marketing strategies in the future. 

3. Don’t forget about SEO

Creating a great design is an excellent practice, but ignoring your eCommerce website SEO will be a resource for harm. You can start by researching keywords and adding them to your website content. Make sure to also use these keywords in product descriptions so that those products can be found more easily through a simple Google search. Part of SEO is integrating a website chatbot to keep users engaged and satisfied. Especially if you’re in the healthcare industry, a healthcare chatbot can help simplify the whole process.

In addition, you can use various SEO tools to make some processes easier and automated. These tools will also help keep track of your website performance, analyze different metrics, and see what you can change or improve for the future. 


To achieve success with your eCommerce store, it’s important to consider great design to make the user experience as great as possible. Over time, as you integrate more strategies, you’ll be able to outshine competitors more effectively and constantly take your online store to the next level of growth.