6 Benefits of Hiring a Customs Brokerage Firm in 2023

When organisations need to deliver a 100% success record with their international importing and exporting activities, they know that every decision counts.

In 2023 with an increase in operational costs, added brand competition and the intervention of new technologies, it pays to have experienced operators at their disposal to help navigate these waters.

This is a chance to see what a customs brokerage can offer in this context, outlining their features, benefits and what they bring to the table for businesses that are accustomed to running everything in-house.

1) Tracking Shipments in Real Time

One of the key features of hiring a customs brokerage firm in 2023 is the capacity to receive tangible information and updates on the status of shipments at any given time. Whether they are arranged for land, sea or air freight, participants will be able to gauge where their stock is located and when they are expected to arrive at certain ports and intervals. This is ideal for members that need to communicate with stakeholders and ensure there are contingency planning measures in position.

2) Assessing Data & Analytics

For the sake of improving decision-making at boardroom and management level with supply chain organisations, they need to have access to the best data available. This is where the use of a customs brokerage comes into play, utilising upgraded software formats and technology that outlines which routes are most viable over land, air and sea, and how to scale the operating model across a 12-month period for the benefit of the business.

3) Handling Government Compliance Concerns

Commercial outlets that decide to strike up a partnership with these customs experts appreciate that the compliance measures hanging over the enterprise are a serious matter. Breaches and violations can result in fines, penalties, restrictions and potential lawsuits. Rather than live with these anxieties in the fear that particular obligations are not being met for importing and exporting measures, this is a chance to lean on their support and cover all bases regarding government compliance demands.

4) Hitting Efficient Time Management Targets

Arguably the biggest concern that enterprises experience in this space is achieving their time goals. Delays with shipment and interference with logistics damages the standing of the product and undermines confidence in the business. Thanks to the use of a quality customs brokerage, they will be able to navigate these complications and ensure that all parties are working towards the same objectives.

5) Minimising Transport Costs

If time is a major concern for owners and managers, then money becomes the real metric of interest that shapes success and failure. The old adage of spending money to make money therefore comes into play with the hiring of a customs brokerage as they establish frameworks and practices that bypass inflated transport costs and agreements that are not in the best interests of the brand. Before there is scope to expand the operation and take into new logistics revenues, the company needs to reduce unnecessary expenditure.

6) Affording Focus on Other Departments

A serious benefit that will be experienced in 2023 with a customs brokerage will be the capacity to empower those representatives to make strides with importing and exporting practices before other members shift focus. From accounts and sales to marketing, HR, PR, commercial engagements and beyond, there won’t be the same issues and complications that weigh the organisation down in an operational sense. That peace of mind becomes a major asset for the weeks, months and years to follow as the enterprise is able to utilise the expertise of a customs brokerage and divert resources to other fields of growth.