What Can I Expect to Spend to Hire a Web Design Agency?

Web design is one of the most important aspects of any online business. It’s what your customers will see first, so it can make or break your business. A poorly designed website can be confusing or difficult to navigate. The good news is that you can hire a web design agency to do the job well.

When hiring a web design agency, a variety of factors will determine how much you need to pay for the finished product. Here are the most critical factors that will affect the amount you will spend on hiring a web design agency:

Features and Functionalities of Your Website

The first step of determining the cost of your website design is knowing which features are important and which ones are just nice to have. Do you need a blog, an eCommerce store, a shopping cart, or something else? What kind of features do you want to incorporate into your design?

The number and type of features you choose to have on your website will significantly affect its overall design cost. For example, a WordPress blog can cost anywhere from $75 to $115,000. It all depends on the levels of complexity and quality that you are striving to achieve.

For a fully functional e-commerce website, you can anticipate paying between $5,000 to $55,000. This is because most e-commerce websites involve a higher number of features, like third-party integration and user interface design.

The Number of Pages and Design Elements Needed

The more pages you want, the higher the overall web design cost will be. If your website only needs one page with a few sections, your design costs will be much lower. Similarly, if you want to use complex elements like parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, multiple pages with subsections, or integrated animations, expect a higher overall cost.

Maintenance and Support Needs

If your site is a basic brochure-type website, then it will require very little doing website maintenance. If you plan to have an interactive website that requires frequent updates and adjustments, you may need to factor in the expense of hiring someone to regularly update the features. This will increase web design costs because of the research time and updates involved.

Are You Hiring for a New Project or Continuing Project?

A new project costs more than an ongoing project. There is no existing code or layout to use as a reference point when creating the new design. This means that, prior to beginning the design, web designers have to spend more time researching what kind of appearance and accessibility they want to achieve. Once the designer has found a starting point, they begin building your website from scratch.

What Materials, Software, and Licenses Do You Need?

There are various types of software, licenses, and other materials that a web designer requires to build and design a website. Each type of software or license has its price point, affecting the overall cost of creating your website.

These are some of the most common items needed for web design:

  • Domain name registration: Register a domain name with a hosting provider. This is usually done through a registrar.
  • Hosting service: Find a host that will provide space on a server where you can to store your website files. Hosting also comes with tools like an FTP program to upload files to the server.
  • License: Depending on the type of website, you will need an appropriate license. For instance, to sell goods and services online, you will need a business license.

The Exact Cost of Hiring a Web Design Agency for a Redesign

Hiring a web design agency provides you access to a team of experienced professionals. As you can imagine, paying professional web designers can get expensive.

Depending on the size, it costs between $15,000 and $30,000 to redesign a simple website. On the other hand, a larger site with remarkable functionality and unique needs can cost between $40,000 and $75,000.

Working with an agency entails more than just the surface design of your website. Agencies also devote effort to content, user experience, and conversion optimization. They ensure that your website becomes successful at generating customer leads and maintaining your online presence. If you do not know how to code or redesign elements of your website, contacting a web design agency is worth your time.

Putting the Price of Your Website Into Perspective

The net profit of a website is one of the primary drivers of its worth. While reworking your website, focus on incorporating efficient and profitable growth targeting strategies over the existing foundation. Hire a website agency that will help realize your website’s consistent growth.

Communicate Your Needs, Get Help From Experts

When choosing a web design agency that will work best for you, you should feel comfortable and confident. Look for one that will accurately reflect your company’s brand and image as they develop or redesign your website.