What Are the Benefits of Using Podcast Transcription Services

What Are the Benefits of Using Podcast Transcription Services?

Podcasts are gaining favor and are now becoming one of the most popular methods of building a following and connecting with customers. In fact, it seems like everybody has a podcast these days, from enterprises to influencers. Podcasts give audiences informative, engaging, and exciting experiences. You should know that there are better ways to gain the most from a podcast than by listening from the beginning to the end.

Key Benefits of Using Podcast Transcription

When creating podcasts, you must know that transcripts can add a massive number of consumers to your audience base. There are various ways to consume info, and everybody has their preference. For some people, audio content is easy and convenient to absorb, while others prefer reading a text. The best solution to this “dilemma” is to offer a combination of content formats. Let’s start with a transcript. Why? Keep reading to find out.

Increased Accessibility

Based on Statista, as of 2019, there were at least 430 million people worldwide with hearing problems. Estimates also show that this number will increase to 711 million people by 2050. So, without transcripts, this vast portion of the population will not be able to enjoy audio content such as podcasts.

Apart from those with hearing problems, other people, such as those with ADD or non-native English speakers, will have a difficult time understanding audio content. Podcast transcriptions will make it easy for listeners from different backgrounds to enjoy every episode you put out.

Better SEO Optimization

Optimizing your website is vital when it comes to increasing your search engine result page (SERP) ranking and attracting more audiences. Technically, the more written info you have on your website, the easier it becomes for search engines to notice and index it. It’s difficult for search engines to index videos and audio beyond their text descriptions and titles. Don’t limit the info provided to the Google search engine and the number of keywords your content will show up for.

Transcripts of each podcast episode will offer a search engine text to crawl. Google will have access to more information and content rather than just the episode’s title and description. This extra text will increase the chances of your podcast ranking at the top of the SERP, thus making you more discoverable.

Multi-Channel Marketing Content

Podcast transcripts are more than written text. These documents can be a way to create more content, leading to more effective marketing strategies. A one-hour podcast covers a wide range of issues and topics. So, capitalize on podcast transcripts to produce more blog articles, speaker quotes, episode descriptions, and social media posts that will contribute to your marketing campaigns. This way, you will promote both your brand and podcast episode while saving energy and time.

Improved Social Media Engagement

The ultimate goal is to share your podcast audio on social media to gain a bigger audience. Fortunately, you can make it easier for followers to share your episodes across Facebook and Twitter by transcribing them. With a podcast transcript, people can highlight a specific section, copy and paste quotes, and then share them on their profiles. Without transcripts, if someone hears something interesting and wishes to share that section, they will have to transcribe it themselves. This is too much hassle for them, so they might not bother doing so.

Hire Reliable Podcast Transcription Services

As you can see, podcast transcription can provide you with a lot of benefits. However, as much as it’s great to transcribe your podcasts, it’s critical to hire a reliable transcription service. Of course, it can be tempting to use speech recognition software since it’s cheap and has a fast turnaround. But cheap, in this case, can be messy since accuracy is always an issue. To prioritize precision, check out gotranscript.com services.