Typeform Review: A Simple and Effective Tool for Creating Forms Online

Online forms are a great way to collect customer information. They are also helpful for companies that want to collect information from customers, such as companies that sell online courses. But creating online forms can be time-consuming and difficult. To be more precise, creating online forms isn’t easy. And you can’t just rely on any old form builder. There are too many forms out there that people click on and then just leave, or that are downright annoying! This is where Typeform comes in. This form builder is an incredibly simple, yet effective tool that is worth using. Read this review to find out why Typeform is essential for your forms and how you can use it to collect information from your customers.

1. Typeform Overview

Typeform is a simple and effective tool for creating forms online. It is a great tool to use for collecting information from potential customers. The amazing one question per time motivates the customers to complete your forms until they hit the submit button. It can be embedded as an iframe or pop up easily. 

2. Typeform Use Cases

There are many types of forms that you can create with Typeform. You can create a form for a website, a blog, a survey, or for a personal project. This is a great tool for those who have their own website and want a form for their customers to fill out. You can also use Typeform to create a form for a blog post. This makes it easy for people to leave comments on your blog. Typeform is a great tool for those who want a simple way to create forms online. It also can be used for WordPress as a WordPress survey plugin or e-commerce solutions i.e. to accept donations or for fundraising campaigns.

3. Typeform Features

Typeform is a powerful builder with a lot of great features. The jump logic flow chart is amazing and unique. It makes it super easy for users to build their jump logic as if they draw a flowchart! 

Typeform comes with a powerful calculator which can be used for simple or advanced calculations.

Moreover, Typeform comes with a wide range of integrations with different email marketing platforms, GoogleSheets and Zapier.

Typeform can be used for creating payment orders as well since it has a very solid integration with Stripe.

4. Typeform Alternatives

There is a wide range of Typeform alternatives but we will pick Quill Forms as it is the best Typeform alternative. Quill Forms is almost identical to Typeform and has more advanced features with cheaper price.

SurveyMonkey is also a good choice but it is very expensive. We recommend reading this article to find SurveyMonkey alternatives.

4. Conclusion.

Typeform is a simple and effective tool for creating forms online. It’s easy to use, has a lot of great features, and is free to use. The free version is limited though.

 It has a version as well for WordPress which can make it one of the best WordPress quiz plugins