Top-Performing Logo Design Agencies in the World

A logo serves as a business’ identity. It’s the first thing you create when you think of creating a brand – a logo comes before a website.

A logo should grab attention, make a strong first impression, and separate you from the competition. Creatively designed logos reflect the values of the company and its core objectives.

You can find thousands of logo design services online – mostly individual freelancers. But the thing is, not every designer is capable of creating something attention-grabbing and unique.

So how would you get your company’s logo designed if you need one? Below, you will find 10 globally famous logo design companies with a solid portfolio of delivering aesthetic designs for a wide range of industries.

Top-Performing Logo Design Agencies in the World

1. Starfish

Starfish is an independent branding agency based in New York City. The company offers digital marketing and branding services under one roof. Their branding team consists of creative designers, copywriters, project managers, and strategists.

2. Addisonwhitney

The company’s tagline “We are makers, architects of brands that matter” says it all! People at Addisonwhitney believe a brand above all is a relationship. The company has worked with numerous brands and helped them to upscale their branding campaigns including the designing of visuals and logos.

3. Spotless

Established in 2004, Spotless is a 360-degree marketing agency improving people’s experience with its’ top-notch services. The company works with diverse businesses and helps to innovate outstanding value-added services for their customers. If you are based in London and want a local company to your company’s logo, Spotless is a great choice.

4. We Think Digital

We Think Digital is a creative design agency with a deep understanding of the digital universe. The company leverages this understanding combined with the better part of two decades of experience to educate clients and provide insights on what’s available and what’s best for them! Logo designing, web designing, SEO, photography, and content creation are their core services.

5. Digital Gravity

Digital Gravity is a logo design company Dubai that’s been serving businesses in the digital world since 2015 and continues to grow. The company offers numerous other services from web design to mobile app design and branding. For local and international businesses looking for all digital marketing services under one roof, Digital Gravity is worth collaborating with!

6. Greenwich Design

The company claims they bring your brand to life. And by looking at their portfolio, one can say they are right. They connect brands with customers in surprising and innovative ways. The company has never been out of concept when it comes to logo designing, making them a high-reputation agency in the UK and all across the world.

7.  TheBrightClick

TheBrightClick is another design agency you can hire to create a custom logo for your brand. Whether you are looking to showcase your business using a new website or redesign an existing one, or looking for a new logo, TheBrightClick employs experienced designers to get the job done.

8.  Evestart

The Evestart was established in 2013 by a couple, Lolita and her husband Sergey Petersson, as a private aviation booking platform. Gradually, they worked out a strategy to transform it into a branding strategy that later went on to become a 300-plus team “unicorn” startup. The company covers all the aspects associated with Branding.

9. Respect.Studio

Respec.Studio is a team of digital marketing enthusiasts who are committed to uplifting your business to new heights in the digital world. The agency focuses on alternative marketing channels and complex marketing automation to bring real results for customers.

10. The Copper Portico

The Copper Portico helps brands reach new audiences and turn them into industry leaders. From logo designing to SEO, web development, and everything in between, you can hire them to get everything done under the safe roof.