Top Best LED Grow Lights of 2022

If you’re growing your plants indoors, then you may be wondering what the best LED grow light is. There are many options on the market and it can be difficult to decide on just one. However, we’ve done the research for you and have chosen the top three LED grow lights. These are: Mars Hydro TSL 2000W, Phlizon’s Newest 1200W LED Plant Grow Light, and Viparspectra LMB281B+.

HLG 65 V2

The HLG 65 V2 LED grow light is designed to work well for vegging, flowering and clones. Its powerful 65 Watts of power and custom white Quantum Board provide a total light output of 10,000 Lumens. The HLG 65 is compatible with a 24VDC 2.5A dimmer. This model is sold with an EU plug and comes with a one-year warranty.

Mars Hydro TSL 2000W

The Mars Hydro TSL 2000W LED Grow Light is an excellent choice for small to medium sized indoor gardens. The full spectrum of light it emits is equivalent to that of natural sunlight, which is one of the reasons it has a higher yield potential than older lights. Its angled stainless steel housing helps re-direct the light back onto the plants, which increases its efficiency by tenfold. It is incredibly bright and can be dimmed when needed.

Phlizon’s Newest 1200W LED Plant Grow Light

The Phlizon’s Newest 1200w LED Plant Grow Light of 2022 features a glass panel on the front and a modern aluminum heat sink. The light is durable and features 120 LEDs at 10W each. This product also includes a programmable timer and hanging equipment that supports daisy chaining. The unit weighs five pounds and is easy to move.

Viparspectra LMB281B+

Samsung’s LM301H diodes are the most efficient way to power this LED grow light. They have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, and can provide a higher output than a 3-watt LED grow light. Another great feature of this grow light is that it supports daisy chaining, allowing you to run multiple units from the same power socket. This feature is essential for any grow room because different grow lights have different requirements, and the same light can cover both vegetative and flowering phases.

Advanced Platinum P300

The Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Lights of the year 2022 are highly efficient and cost-effective. They use 180 watts for blooming and 93 watts for vegetation. These lights are highly effective and are energy-efficient and can be adjusted to a wide spectrum without affecting the plant’s growth. With only 0.185 kWh of power consumption per hour, they are an excellent option for small growers.