Top 10 Famous Air Conditioner Conditioner Brands List

Air Conditioners are a must in the summer season to cope with the hot climate. In countries like India, an air conditioning unit is essential as it provides proper cooling in offices and homes, as well as competing with other conditions such as weather. In today’s market, there are many brands of air conditioners which are known to sell high-quality ACs with many advanced features. In this article, we have listed the best air conditioner brands in India.

Best air conditioner brands list

1. Voltas Air Conditioner

The largest air conditioning company in India is Voltas. Known for its reliability and quality, it is one of the top AC manufacturers in India. As a result, the company manufactures top-notch window and split air conditioners. The company is ranked number one among top air conditioner brands.

2. LG Air Conditioner

Home Appliances and Electronic Goods manufactured by LG also have a reputation for quality. Market is filled with a wide selection of advanced products having innovative technology and being offered at fairly competitive prices. In addition to cool even at 54 C, LG ACs save up to 66% of energy.

3. Samsung Air Conditioner

Samsung is the next most popular Best Air Conditioner Brands in India as it is selling all kinds of electronics and is the biggest competitor in all the segments that it currently operates. In India, Samsung air conditioners are well known and have the best technology and features. They are also available in tons, 1.5 tons, and 2 tons. The Samsung Inverter AC is India’s number one AC as it has pioneering technologies.

4.Videocon Air Conditioner

As well as its performance and affordability, Videocon is also a trusted brand.                                                                              The Videocon window and split air conditioners feature features such as WiFi, Active Carbon Filter, Anti-bacterial filter, dehumidification, energy efficiency, etc. Aryabot, the world’s first satellite air conditioner, was recently unveiled by Videocon.

5. Hitachi Air Conditioner

Hitachi, a Japanese company that excels at technology and innovation, is next on our list. This brand of air conditioner is very popular not only in India but across the globe. It has several great features such as self-cleaning and low power consumption that are very attractive to customers. Furthermore, the range available is very impressive and there are many products on the market.

6. Whirlpool Air Conditioner

Whirlpool is not only the oldest but also the most popular brand externally and they believe that advanced technology should always deliver superior performance. Even at temperatures above 90 degrees, the Whirlpool split and window AC keep your home and body cool during summer. In both categories of air conditioner, Whirlpool offers many energy-efficient models. Whirlpool is also one of the Best Air Conditioner Brands in India.

7. Godrej Air Conditioner

Godrej Home Appliances provide a high level of quality and advanced features. There is an additional feature called the Eco mode available as an option on Godrej’s Inverter AC, which goes along with the window and split ACs. If the compressor is selected as an input from the remote, it will run in a power saving mode, which will result in 25% less power consumption.

8. Blue Star Air Conditioner

The Blue Star brand is renowned in India for its quality air conditioners. Air Conditioners from Blue Star provide amazing features and great cooling. It is the largest company in the world for central air conditioning.

9. Lloyd Air Conditioner

There are new air conditioners from Lloyd – the Grande Heavy Duty ACs, which have a powerful cooling capacity of up to 5500 W. These air conditioners are capable of cooling even in 60 °C temperatures.

10. Carrier Air Conditioner

Lastly, Carrier is also a popular brand that produces world-class air conditioners in India and is one of the industry’s leading players in the air conditioners and home solution sectors. Customers can easily purchase Carrier Air Conditioners as they are available at very affordable prices in the market since they are environment-friendly and pocket-friendly.

Hope this article was helpful to you in understanding the Best Air Conditioner Brands in India. Whether you are planning to buy AC online or from a store, it is essential that you understand your requirements and check whether the AC you want to buy meets all your needs. The specifications and features of different ACs might be different depending on the prices and brands. Now that you understand the best ACs available in the market, what are you waiting for?