Tips to Improve the ROI of Your Employee Training

Online learning has become a new trend since the pandemic outbreak and it’s here to stay because of the amazing benefits it provides. Not from the pandemic, organizations slowly transitioned into online training over the last ten to fifteen years. The reason for this transition is technology. Technology allowed organizations to conduct employee training in a very smooth and hassle-free manner.

Many organizations have adopted eLearning and many are still in that transition period. When organizations offer online training to their employees, all they need to look after is the ROI and employee engagement. If you cannot create engaging training content, no matter which technology you use, your employees might not show interest in learning. To help you better with this, we have listed down a few effective ways through which you can develop your eLearning training content that yields you maximum results.

1)Know your KPIs:

Key performance indicators(KPIs) are nothing but the parameters that indicate the success of your training program. They could assess results, employee engagement, attendance and course completion rates, etc. If you know which parameters are most important to you and track them, then you can have a rough estimate of the ROI. Once the KPIs are clear, now you need to find ways to ensure you have a plan to boost key performance indicators.

2)Understand your target audience:

To create great eLearning content, you need to understand to whom you are catering. Try to decipher what your learners want, how you can engage them, what will make them invested in the training, and much more. Try to explain the course outcomes to your learners and how it would benefit their career growth and help them perform well at the job. Ask them which learning type they would prefer- It can be online learning or blended learning.

3)Create the most relevant content:

Your training content should be relevant in a way that your employees should instantly connect to it. Hire subject matter experts who can create the most relevant and engaging eLearning. With lots of resources online, you need that USP(unique selling point) that can help your course be more relevant. It needs careful thought and thorough planning to create great content.

If you can create relevant and engaging content. You can re-use it again in the future for the next batch of training. If you deliver your training through a SCORM compliance LMS, you can transfer the data easily to another LMS which is also SCORM compliant. In this way, you can use your content again and again.

4)Create a structured learning path:

It’s not just about creating top-quality content, but it’s also necessary that you create a structured learning path. Use the simpler content initially and as the learner progresses, make sure you increase the difficulty level. For instance, the first concepts in the module can consist of basic definitions and examples. As the module progresses, you can concentrate on complex topics and help the learners to gauge their progress.

5)Cater to everyone:

Not everyone’s the same and can absorb the content the same way. Your employees have different learning styles and preferences. Some people learn through visuals and some by audio. Thus, it’s better to design a learning path that is a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Make use of branching scenarios, group assignments, graphic and video content, etc.


To wrap up, content curation, catering to everyone, and creating the most relevant content are sure-shot ways to improve the ROI. Also, you can try mobile learning, making content short and crisp to ensure your employees engage with content enough. At the end of the day, all you need is to help your employees upskill through which your organization can grow simultaneously. Do everything to ensure you get the best results after the completion of training.