8 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

Weddings are all about happiness and joy, not just for the couple but also for friends and families. There are several responsibilities involving a wedding. And one such responsibility is inviting guests who will create memories and share the happiness.

To date, invitation cards are incredibly popular and the most common way of sending wedding invites. But slowly, digital invitations have taken center stage with more technological advancements on the way. Many couples are choosing to go paperless and green to save the environment.

So, here come video wedding invitations. Video wedding invites help to portray the perfect story and make the guests feel connected to the couple. Your wedding invitation should build excitement and anticipation among the guests while getting them to look forward to the big day.

So, here are 8 creative ideas that can help you make the perfect wedding invitation video:

1. Destination Wedding Invites

Destination weddings are in this season, and so are wedding videos that invite ideas based on this theme. Destination wedding video invites will set the guests in the mood of partying. This will be a fun and casual way of inviting the guests.

Since destination weddings are fun and intimate, your wedding video invite should be too. Try adding elements of your wedding destination in the video to make it more appealing.

2. Monochrome Invitations

If you are a couple not looking to make a huge deal on your wedding invitation, go monochrome. Choose almost any color for creating beautiful videos. Monochrome invitations look contemporary and attractive.

3. Theme-Based Invitations

It’s always fun to arrange theme parties for the wedding. From Game of Thrones to Bollywood, you can go for almost any theme for your wedding video invite. You can even customize your video invitations by using a video editor.

4. Slow-Mo Invitations

Slow-motion videos are one of the unique ways to create a video wedding invite. These invites look professional and adorable. Such videos are the best way for couples to share their love stories and even their wedding stories.

There’s so much you can do in slow-motion wedding video invites, also known as stop-motion videos. You can use picture videos or text videos or blend both of them.

You even have the option of narrating almost any story through such videos. Also, you can showcase your love story and add personal images or any themes. 

5. Couple Portraits

If you are a couple looking for something simple but exclusive for your wedding invitation, try going for a sketch in black and white colours.

Couple portraits never go out of style. They look elegant when presented in the form of videos. Also, making such invitations is pretty simple, and they add a personal touch to the general wedding invitation videos. If you do not like sketches, you can use other pictures in your wedding invitation video.

6. Go Traditional

Weddings do not just involve the couple but even their families. And there’s an entirely different charm and appeal of traditional weddings. You can capitalize on this charm and appeal by including rituals and customs of your wedding in your wedding video invite.

This way, the guests will get an idea of what they can expect at the wedding and be excited to attend it. Though you are taking the traditional path to making a wedding video invite, this will be the most modern way of inviting guests.

7. Animated Videos 

Animated videos are common and simple ways to make wedding invitation videos, but they are also quite special. When added to even plain and simple text, animation and graphic design can make the entire thing interesting and special.

Of course, you will have to put a bit of effort into making animated video wedding invites, but this will be one of the coolest ways to give all information to the guests.

If you like going minimal, you can choose a text-based wedding invitation with minimum animation. These are to-the-point and simple wedding invitation videos that appear sweet and short.

You can even add a wedding logo to enhance the elegance of the video and give it a personal touch. Even soothing music will go well with the invitation theme. You don’t need to add traditional elements to an animated text video.

You can choose elements like stars, fairy lights, or dream catchers. Whatever you are going for, make sure to give the invitation a personal touch simply by selecting elements representing you as a couple.

8. Seasonal Invites

There is no better way of capturing the essence of your wedding than through the seasons. Express this by choosing the suitable theme for your wedding invitation video to add good vibes and many hues to your wedding invite.

You can choose almost any season and get directly into setting the main tone of your wedding invitation video. For example, if you are having a springtime wedding, include spring flowers in your video to make it more colourful.

On the contrary, if it is a summer wedding, you can incorporate a lot of tropical and warm hues to make the video enticing. It is entirely upon you to make the video as appealing as possible.

Whatever season you choose, make sure your wedding invite video is colourful, fun-filled, and loud. Use a lot of bright colours in combination with peppy music. Ensure the video content is straightforward but presented in a unique and quirky design.

The Bottom Line

If you want to invite your well-wishers and guests to the most joyful day of your life in style, then there is no better way of doing this than using wedding video invitations. This will also be an environmentally-conscious way of enjoying your big day. Make sure your wedding video invitation recreates the magic of traditional invitation cards.