The 4 Best Reasons to Use a 3D Web Viewer

3D web viewers are used to visualize data. 3D web viewers are similar to traditional 2D graphs and charts, but they provide a much more engaging experience for users. The user can interact with the data and create their unique views of it, which gives them freedom and flexibility in how they want to see it. Here are four reasons why you should consider using a 3D web viewer.

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Data management

A 3D web viewer is a browser-based application, meaning there is no need for installation. This makes it easy for anyone to use and available on any device – which means you’re able to use the same applications and tools regardless of whether you have a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The 3D web viewer also comes with some great features that make it ideal for data management.

For example, with other viewers, your users may have to download a large amount of information before they can open or view it in their chosen viewer. With the 3D web viewer, you can embed content directly into your website so that visitors don’t need to download anything at all. This saves time as well as money because visitors won’t require expensive internet packages—instead just an internet connection will suffice.

Interactive 3D graphics

3D graphics are a great way to showcase your products, services, and ideas. Interactive 3D graphics enable users to view your product from every angle and interact with it in ways that aren’t possible with 2D images or videos. This is especially true in the case of objects that are hard to capture by a camera lens—like jewelry, vehicles, or clothing.

3D models can also be used as animations: for example, you might want to show how an instrument looks when being played or how a piece of furniture would look in real life. Animations can also help viewers better understand complex processes, particuarly if you’re explaining how something works without having actual physical components on hand.

Speed and ease of use

A 3D web viewer is easy to use and doesn’t require any software installation or downloading of data. All you need is a modern browser that supports WebGL, which should be any browser released within the last five years. If the browser supports WebGL, then the viewer will work fine on it. There’s no need to install anything or download anything; just open up your favorite web page and start viewing.

No matter how large or small your files are, they’ll load quickly—so long as they’re under 2MB in size. The viewer loads quicker than an image file would take to load over a slow Internet connection, too. Images take about three seconds to load on average whereas 3D web viewers makes 3D images ready for viewing in under one second.

Visualization of data

You can also use 3D web viewers to visualize data. Whether you’re trying to better understand your company’s sales trends or looking for a way to bring energy consumption down, these viewers will help you see the numbers in new ways.


So why should you choose 3D? Because it works. Not only does this technology allow users to interact with their data, but it also allows them to explore and analyze their information in completely new ways. By using a 3D viewer on your website or in an app, customers will be able to interact with brands in a more meaningful way than ever before—and that means increased conversions and higher sales.