SEO Guideline for Beginners: A Briefing to SEO Basics

What is Guest Posting?

The performance of writing content or article with publishing another company’s exposure, authority, and web sites it’s called Guest Posting. It also has internal or external backlinks with good blogs. Many guest post companies will give you free guest posting, but this does not help your site rank on the Google platform.

The primary intention of guests posting your sites becomes recommendation traffic where your article is published. There is much better manual blogger outreach with guest posting opportunities, strategies sharing, visiting, and brand awareness growth day by day in your websites.

It is a free and easy way of watching your site how to get up-and-go traffic. Then, domain authority will be increased your site upper-level day by day. Search engine authority remarked that your site accepts a proper quality backlink from a high authority google website. After that website will upgrade to top-ranked on internet SEO which stands on Search Engine Optimization.

How many types of SEO?

There are two kinds of SEO as Off-page SEO and On-page SEO.

Off-page SEO:

Refers to Off-page SEO to whatever is done outside of your website, which is probable to affect search engine ranking.

On-page SEO:

The practice of optimizing a web page for specific keywords to progress search visibility and traffic is called ON page SEO.

Reasons behind learning SEO

As you know, the demand for SEO is increasing in present-day by day. If you see nearest any company, you will see many websites to advertise their brands, products, E-commerce, product review, and any other service, etc., to be published on google. Learning SEO will permit you to understand how and where you appear on the online system.

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How to do SEO?

Almost all SEO experts are essentially SEO in the following two ways such as…

  1. Paid SEO
  2. Organic SEO

Paid SEO

Take hold of you to create a paid SEO via Google, and you have to pay your keywords checklist first. You will know that you want to carry on a keyword which is your targeted keyword.

Organic SEO

When bringing visitors from search engines without any money, it’s called Organic SEO.

How do I get guest posts?

Accomplish a guest posting approach in eight-step, such as

  • Definition your guest posting aims.
  • Discover your guest posting opportunities.
  • Quality guest posts always be a must.
  • Develop blog guest sites.
  • Generate the perfect field.
  • Pathway your results.
  • Follow up on your effort.
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How to sell a guest post?

  • Suppose you are prepared to make money by selling guest posts on your sites. Here is the step by steps you can take to appreciate this goal line:
  • Write a high-quality article.
  • Boost your blog post on SEO.
  • You have must be guest post guideline.
  • To know more about the market price on SEO guest posts.
  • Express for blogs in your Niche edits.
  • Conclusion about SEO as usual.


SEO gears are an essential thoughtfulness to advantages optimize a website for search engines. Many gears change in the possibility of their gathering; however, they also consider different SEO dynamics. The essential zones to be considered are keywords, content, domain, backlinks, and social media.

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