Save Time and Improve Efficiency with ProductEngine

Did you know that on average, employees spend around 33% of their time performing manual tasks such as data entry, reporting, and spreadsheet management? (Source: McKinsey). That’s a significant amount of time that can be better spent on tasks that grow the business!

More specifically, on average, retail workers spend 2 hours a day on manual tasks such as price checks and inventory updates (source: National Retail Federation).

That’s 10 hours a week, or 500 hours a year, just on manual tasks alone. No wonder more and more businesses are prioritising business automation initiatives!

A common task that consumes a lot of time in retail is figuring out the correct or the latest version of a price list, and the multiple versions can make it extremely confusing (and often frustrating!) for all the stakeholders.

ProductEngine was built precisely to address this problem and is a god sent for anyone who is tired of managing pricing in spreadsheets. As you change prices, you know it can be tiring to keep track of the ‘right’ version. We’ve all been there!

The best part? ProductEngine syncs with Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM solution, and lets you store all of your pricing and product information in one place. This helps you ensure all your stakeholders, staff from various departments in the organisation, the customers as well as the systems are well equipped with all the information they need and a single source of truth.

While a single source of truth is great, in theory it can take ages to build. The good news is that you no longer need to struggle to upload your data to Salesforce with Data Loader, you can now do it in a matter of seconds with ProductEngine. So, let the good times roll with the affordable monthly subscription (per editor) starting at just $29.

If you’re looking to integrate with other systems, you can easily do that through API or web hooks. Equally, please feel free to reach out if you have specific needs, as we have many integrations in the pipeline.

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