Pedestrian Traffic Counting Systems For Outdoor Applications

People counting systems found many applications for indoor spaces. However, there are many benefits from using the same devices for outdoor projects.

Outdoor People Counters can be described as people counting systems that are durable, with a degree of IP dust, water, and vandal proof outer casing. Most such systems are battery-powered, providing fully autonomous work for several months.

How Outdoor People Counters Can Benefit Outdoor Projects

Outdoor pedestrian counters can significantly benefit in no-electricity and no-internet outdoor recreational spaces such as parks, hiking trails, nature reserves. Installing people counting systems in such areas can be very useful for many applications and purposes:

  •   Count the number of people visiting a particular place
  •   Learn seasonal/visiting trends and overall traffic pattern
  •   Understand how people navigate the area can help you make decisions about infrastructure and facilities
  •   Monitor the usage of public places within your park
  •   Schedule the maintenance staff work and activities according to occupancy

Collect the data for fundraising grants or investment proposals

Promotion and marketing businesses can use outdoor counting systems to evaluate the KPI and define which activities help generate more traffic in the target area.

Outdoor pedestrian counting system

SensMax is one of the top European manufacturers famous for developing and manufacturing reliable, high-quality people counting systems for indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor applications, SensMax offers both manual and automated counting solutions.

SensMax pedestrian counting system consists of footfall traffic counting sensors, the data collector for data reading, and reporting software preset with ready-to-use traffic reports.

The counting sensor devices are specially designed for outdoor use. Powered by regular AA-type batteries, the one-direction tracking devices can work autonomously for up to two years, and two-direction ones can last up to 6-12 months.

Pedestrian traffic data is recorded in the device’s built-in memory capable of storing up to 150-250 days (depending on the model) of valuable statistics.

These tracking sensors can be easily installed on gates, bridges, or even trees. The above features define the SensMax people counting devices as suitable for outdoor areas with no electricity or internet.

Processing the collected data

The information gathered and stored in the outdoor sensors can be downloaded manually by the SensMax SE/DE mobile data reading device. The data is downloaded to the internal memory with a capacity of up to 2000 days of hourly statistics from 100 outdoor people counting sensors. The reading device is powered by an integrated LiIon accumulator providing a single charge for 30 days of continuous work.

After collecting the data from all the outdoor sensors, you can upload it via a USB interface to a PC with the SensMax EasyReport software installed.

Reporting software features

Using the SensMax EasyReport intuitive software 20+ ready-to-use reports, you can analyze traffic in custom graphs and charts by the hour, day, month, quarter, or year.

  •   Learn the area visiting trends
  •   Compare the data before and after a particular marketing activity
  •   Define the most popular areas
  •   Obtain per-hour statistics about each trail course you control

To receive a free consultation, help choose the best solution for your application and experience the benefits of the outdoor pedestrian counting systems, we recommend you get in touch with the SensMax experts today.