Old School RuneScape: The Forester Update

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) recently received a massive update, introducing Forester. This comprehensive update brings multiple new events, rewards, and various ways to enhance your woodcutting experience. In this article, RSorder will delve into the specifics of this update, discuss what we liked and what we didn’t explore potential future changes, and highlight what OSRS players can expect from the woodcutting skill going forward.

Forester Events

Forester introduces five new events, each with its unique gameplay, challenges, and rewards. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  1. The Friendly End: The only Forester event available to free-to-play players. Players need to follow the end’s instructions and provide the right haircut. Successfully completing this event yields a woodcutting and Fletching experience, as well as anima-infused bark, which serves as the event’s currency. There’s also a chance to receive bird nests.
  2. Beehives: Using the smoke fuel item, players construct beehives using logs. This event offers a simple way to earn construction experience and additional woodcutting experience. Furthermore, players have the opportunity to receive beehive boxes as a reward, allowing them to start their beekeeping adventures in their player-owned houses.
  3. Pheasant Control: Utilizing the egg cushion item, players interact with pheasant nests. By taking eggs from the empty nest and giving them to the Forester, players earn woodcutting, Fletching, and hunting experience. Additionally, pheasant feathers can be collected to create a cosmetic outfit. If you’re not interested in the outfit, you can trade the feathers for extra anima-infused bark.
  4. Foxes: This event requires the trap disarm item. Players need to disarm traps laid by NPCs before foxes reach them. Successful disarming yields woodcutting and Hunter experience, and there’s a rare chance to obtain the fox whistle, allowing you to transmogrify your beaver pet into a friendly fox.
  5. Enchantment Ritual: In this event, players must stand on the odd one out among five ritual spots with different colors and shapes. Correct choices reward significant woodcutting experience and anima-infused bark.

Forester Rewards

The update also introduces a range of rewards for players to enjoy, providing incentives to participate in these events:

  1. Two-Handed Axes: To create these special axes that offer a 10% woodcutting experience boost and a 20% chance of not obtaining a log, you’ll need 10,000 anima-infused bark and 500 oak logs. These axes are highly beneficial for woodcutting efficiency.
  2. Sawmill Vouchers: These vouchers allow you to save money on plank conversions at the Sawmill, making them particularly attractive to Ironman players.
  3. Twitcher Gloves: These gloves offer a 10% chance to obtain more bird nests while woodcutting. They also allow you to select your preferred type of bird nest.
  4. Smoke Canisters: These consumable items provide woodcutting boosts and are tradeable, making them a great source of income.

Campfires (formerly Bonfires)

As a notable addition to the game, Forester introduces campfires. These campfires provide a convenient and efficient way to train firemaking, especially for players looking to achieve 99 firemaking or complete specific in-game tasks. While experience gained from campfires is 50% compared to actively training firemaking, the ability to AFK makes them a valuable option.

Profit from Forester

One of the most attractive aspects of the Forester update is the potential for profit. Many of the items introduced in this expansion are tradeable, allowing regular players to make a substantial amount of GP. Smoke canisters, in particular, have proven to be lucrative, fetching a decent price on the Grand Exchange.

The Importance of Simplicity

While Forester brings several exciting elements to OSRS, the update has also been met with backlash due to its complexity. Some players feel that it complicates the Skilling experience. OSRS has always been known for its simplicity, and Forester represents a significant departure from that ideal. Some players find that the numerous events, items, and rewards detract from the core OSRS experience.

My Thoughts

I think the Forester update is a great addition to Old School RuneScape. The new events and rewards are all well-designed, and the campfires are a great way to afk woodcutting. I would recommend checking out this update if you are a fan of woodcutting or Old School RuneScape in general.


I sold all of the new rewards from the Forester update and made a total of 10.5 million OSRS gold. This is a significant amount of money, especially for a new skill. I would recommend selling the new rewards if you are not going to use them yourself.


The Forester update is a great addition to Old School RuneScape. It adds new content, rewards, and a new way to AFK woodcutting. I would recommend checking it out if you are a fan of woodcutting or Old School RuneScape in general.

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