Madden NFL 24: Four Simple Coin Making Strategies

Madden NFL 24 is back, and as avid players eagerly hit the gridiron once more, the question on everyone’s mind is, “How do I maximize my coins in this year’s game?” Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is all about assembling the best squad possible, and having a solid coin base is essential for that. In this article, we’ll explore four simple strategies to help you amass MUT 24 coins in Madden 24.

1. Most Feared Program

When it comes to coin-making methods, it’s often best to focus on the most recent content, and in Madden 24, the Most Feared program has captured the attention of players. To kick off our coin-making journey, head to the Sets section and scroll down to the Most Feared program.

The strategy involves targeting the 87 Overall Most Feared players, particularly those in high demand. As the community seeks to add these players to their teams, you can exploit this demand by completing sets for these coveted cards. One of the most sought-after players is Lamar Jackson, and to acquire him, you’ll need to complete the 87 Overall Most Feared set. Here’s how it works:

  • Buy 83 Overall Most Feared players: Look for 83 OVR Most Feared players on the Auction House. You can typically find them for around 10,000 coins each, if not less.
  • Acquire 84 Overall Players: Similarly, search for 84 OVR players and try to secure them for about 20,000 coins each.
  • Calculate your costs: Assume you’re spending around 10,000 coins on five 83 OVR players (totaling 50,000 coins) and around 20,000 coins on two 84 OVR players (totaling 40,000 coins). This brings your total cost to approximately 90,000 coins.
  • Complete the set: Insert the players into the 87 OVR Most Feared set and claim your rewards. Lamar Jackson is a popular choice and typically sells for around 128,000 coins. After taxes, you’re looking at a tidy profit, potentially around 30,000 coins.

2. Expand Your Most Feared Sets

The beauty of this method is that it can be extended by repeating the process multiple times. To maximize your profits, consider completing the 87 OVR Most Feared set not just once, but multiple times. By completing this set five times, you’ll accumulate enough 87 OVR players to complete a Most Feared Master set, like Lamar Jackson. You can do this for a total cost of around 425,000 coins (assuming you’re thrifty in your purchases). And your rewards? A valuable Master card that can be sold for significantly more than your initial investment, potentially netting you substantial profits.

3. Campus Hero Sets

If you’re looking for an alternative coin-making method, delve into the Campus Hero sets. This method focuses on the 84 Overall Campus Hero players and, similar to the Most Feared sets, involves buying players on the Auction House.

  • Search for 84 Overall players: Scout the Auction House for 84 OVR Campus Hero players and aim to acquire them for around 20,000 coins each.
  • Calculate costs: Assume you spend around 20,000 coins on five 84 OVR Campus Hero players, which totals 100,000 coins.
  • Complete the set: Insert the players into the Campus Hero set and claim your 88 OVR Campus Hero player. One of the valuable options to target is Bo Jackson, who typically sells for around 126,000 coins. After taxes, you should earn a reasonable profit, perhaps around 15,000 coins.

4. Sniping

Sniping involves searching for underpriced players on the Auction House, purchasing them, and then reselling them at a higher price to turn a profit. While it’s a valid method, it can be time-consuming and requires a good understanding of the market. A simple strategy is to filter the Auction House by program, specifically targeting new promos. Look for the latest program’s players one overall below the Masters. For example, if the most recent program features 90 OVR Masters, search for 87 OVR players from that program. Purchase them at a price lower than their market value and resell them for a profit.

Tips for Coin Making

Here are a few tips for coin making in Madden NFL 24:

  • Be patient and don’t expect to get rich quickly. Coin making in Madden NFL 24 takes time and effort.
  • Be consistent. The more time you spend making coins, the more coins you will make.
  • Be diversified. Don’t rely on a single method to make coins. Try to use a variety of methods to increase your chances of success.
  • Be smart. Don’t invest in players that you don’t think will sell for a profit.
  • Be careful. Scammers are everywhere in Madden NFL 24. Be careful of any deals that seem too good to be true.


Coin making in Madden NFL 24 can be a challenge, but it is definitely possible to make a lot of coins if you are patient, consistent, and diversified. By following the tips above, you can increase your chances of success.

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