NL Scientific: Principles of Material Testing and its Types of Equipment

Introduction to NL Scientific

NL Scientific Instruments Sdn Bhd is the pioneering producer of construction material testing equipment in Asia with the vision to be the world’s leading civil engineering testing equipment by 2025. Some of these construction materials comprise cement and mortar, concrete, aggregates and rock, asphalt and bitumen, and steel. 

NL Scientific Instruments Sdn Bhd believes in actively part-taking in projects undertaken by the Road Development Authority, Malaysian universities, and polytechnics. They also possess expertise in constructing material testing equipment made possible by accumulated challenges and transforming them into research findings and concepts of practical, usable testing types of equipment for their customers.

Every NL Scientific product is manufactured at the highest quality by making use of cutting-edge production planning and control techniques. They are also able to continue producing better testing equipment in the long run due to their quality strategy, which stands by – production toward perfection for complete customer satisfaction.

Apart from being the leading producer of construction testing materials in Asia, they are also well-known for gaining a quick expansion in the global market. This was made possible for NL Scientific Instruments by the process of globalization which demand excellent quality and compliance with International Standards to produce valuable construction testing materials in Asia.

NL Scientific Instruments consist of a team of R&D that work around the clock to improve their products to achieve the best levels of accuracy, sustainability, usability, maintainability, and affordability. Their construction testing material pieces of equipment comply with most International standards like BS, EN, ASTM, AASHTO, and Others. 

This article aims to cover the definition of material testing, the importance of material testing, types of materials that require testing, NL Scientific Instruments’ customer service, and personal technician support provided by them.

The Essentials of Material Testing 

The analysis of material properties and operating performance of raw materials and the finished products is known as material testing. Material Testing is a tried-and-true method for figuring out the physical and mechanical characteristics of composite building materials like bricks, cement, steel, etc. In addition, material testing is a widely used method in the construction industry to check and ensure the quality of materials to be used. 

  • The importance of Material Testing 

 It aids in assessing the stability of the material, providing early detection of issues with the material that may be unknown if not tested. Also, it prevents the customer from facing severe losses, while optimizing quality and minimizing delays in production. Material testing also assists in conducting research and developing construction design specifications.

Monitoring and checking construction activities is a vital procedure and should not be neglected. For instance, concrete makes up the liable foundation of any construction. In order to evaluate the structural strength of structures like buildings, bridges, roads, and other infrastructures, concrete testing is crucial. So, a flawed concrete test that failed to detect concrete flaws could render the building unfit for use and result in a massive financial liability for the building’s contractors and component suppliers.

  • The types of products that require Material Testing

Construction inspection and monitoring are required to determine whether raw materials and final products are safe and approved for use in building construction. To prevent serious issues on site, some materials and products require specific inspection and supervision

Namely, some of these materials are cement, ceramic, adhesives and sealants, blocks, bricks, pipes, pavers, tiles, thermal insulating products in buildings, flooring materials, building hardware, concrete, grout, mortar, construction material, and geological samples. Other materials include lintels, slate and stone, rocks and natural stones, and soils of all types.

  • The Requirements of Raw Material Testing

Raw material testing helps to preserve the high consistency and quality of the final product. Also, it prevents errors from occurring during the first stage of the production process and allows customers to receive a certification of compliance for adhering to construction standards and laws.

Raw material testing identifies the cause of product failure during manufacturing or use and ensures the materials are appropriate for use in construction activities. Additionally, it also helps to propose and create brand-new materials and products for certification.

Customer Service

NL Scientific has fast and efficient customer service that can be reached through their hotline: +603-3884-6088 or even through their Whatsapp at +60 17-917 3588. Both the Hotline and WhatsApp buttons can be located at the bottom right corner of NL Scientific’s website.

NL Scientific’s clients can also reach customer service through their contact form. This form requires the user to fill in their Name, Email, Contact Number, and do a reCAPTCHA verification for security reasons before submitting the form.

Customers can also submit inquiries about their after-sales purchases via NL Scientific’s email, [email protected].

NL Scientific provides its clients with top-notch lifetime technical assistance and first-rate after-sales care. Their consistent prompt response to their customer’s requests helped them gain loyalty and goodwill in the construction marketplace.

Professional Technician Support

NL Scientific is equipped with a dynamic management team and skilled technical staff that are continuously trying to produce new inventions and more effective testing apparatus. This helped the product portfolio increase to almost 3,000 products available. 

Final Thoughts

In short, construction testing materials should be tested to make sure buildings are habitable and products are safe for consumer use. Also, construction testing equipment aid in boosting and enhancing production, as less errors are made and lesser costs are incurred. NL Scientific Berhad, the leading construction material equipment tester in Asia plays a vital role in maintaining and improving basic construction materials used in the Asian regions needed to construct buildings.