Monopoly | Mono poly | Play Monopoly on Your Android Phone

The monopoly is a popular multi-player economic-themed board game loved by millions. In the game, players randomly roll two dice and place them on the game piece table, in order to move around the board and purchase, trade, and develop properties. Players accumulate rent from other players, with the purpose being to drive them to bankruptcy and earn more money than they spent. It is one of the most well known Monopoly games and can be found easily via an internet search.

However, what many people do not realize is that the monopoly board game comes in a variety of different styles. One of the most popular styles is the Google Android monopoly. You may not have heard of it before, but this is becoming a very popular and unique version of this classic game. There are several key differences that this version has over the original, which makes it a real alternative for anyone who enjoys playing Monopoly. You will find that there are many different features that make playing the Android version of monopoly a fun and exciting way to play the board game. Here is a quick rundown of some of these key differences:

You can customize your settings for how the game will work. You can have different rules that are used for the round and also choose whether you will play the board game with online play or not. You can also create a lobby where players can select their rules and information and play the game as a group. This feature is incredibly useful for players who are participating in head to head games or who are trying to get everyone involved in a particular style of play.

There are many advertisements within the Android version of the Monopoly game and they are entertaining as well. You can even use your own quotes for many of the ads. If you are running out of time during the game you can set a number of ads that will run at pre-determined intervals that will keep you busy while you work towards becoming wealthy. You can even personalize your lobby with many of the advertisements available.

You can also connect with other players online via the Google+ social network. This allows players who may be quite far apart to connect and play the game with each other. This is a wonderful feature for players who are playing the game with their children and who may have a lot of time on their hands. It also gives players a chance to chat with other people who are enjoying the game just as much as they are.

The Android version of Monopoly delivers everything that anyone would expect from a high quality board game with many modern twists and turns. It provides a fast pace and a fun way to play the game with anyone in the family. It can easily be played on devices that have access to Wi-Fi connections and most Android devices will find it very enjoyable. If you have never played the board game then you will want to check it out today. You’ll be hooked almost immediately!