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RAGTUNG (Rag Tag) is not only an Indian game, but also an international game, with more than 50 countries playing it worldwide. The game can be played as a match, with two teams playing at different ends of the table, or it can be played as a tournament game, with one team playing on the same side of the table as the other. The first team to win three games will be the champions. The winners of the championships are treated like celebrities and they are presented with a trophy, which is usually made of iron or steel. This is known as the ‘Grand Champion’. R AGTUNG is played with one or two decks of cards, with two players for each team.

RAGTUNG is played in the traditional Indian way, with seven men for each team. Four servants are provided to make the row. After each player has been seated, the four chairs in the middle of the square are occupied by the four servants. The men sit on the left, while the women sit on the right. The women sing a peppy romantic punjabi song, while the men dance and perform acrobatics.

One can listen to raagtune and hindi songs together, enjoying the beautiful sounds of music from both the Indian as well as the foreign countries. In fact, the Indian classical music is loved all over the world, but especially in the United States of America. There have been many instances when American citizens have sent their beloved sons to their native Indian reservations, where they remain for days together, listening to the beautiful raagtune and other Punjabi songs. Such is the affection and love with which the American people regard their beloved state.

All kinds of American men are deeply moved by the beats of the raagtune and other traditional Indian music. Some of them have even taken it to the extent of getting into the act of performing a raga from time to time at various functions and occasions. It has become quite possible that every time you tune into your favorite radio station, you would be greeted with one or more of the old video songs, played in the background by an American Punjabi band.

You will also find many restaurants and hotels in the cities and towns of the United States which have their own versions of hai kahu and other old songs. These restaurants and hotels offer their patrons the option to choose from the thousands of available choices of old songs, with the best of performances from the dancers and actors involved. Some of these Americanized versions are being sung by a number of American Indians from the Southwest, giving the songs an authentic flavor. Some of the most famous Americanized versions are “zed zzzzz” and “zipp zippo”. Some old songs that you will find being sung in American Indian style are “Zoozie”, “Tribe”, “Redskin Strumstick”, “White Rabbit” and the rest of the collection known as the American Traditional Serenade.

So if you happen to find yourself with some time on your hands, why not indulge in downloading old videos and traditional Punjabi wedding songs on to your laptop, or MP3 player. Then enjoy your vacation and share with your entire family and friends the joy of Raagtune. You will surely make memories that will last a lifetime. So do make a reservation at least one hour before your departure.