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The latest entry in the long list of Mahabaleshwar’s “Kurban” ( Neighbor) Movie is “Marathi Movie Songs”. Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, this is the first Indian film to be shot on location in Goa (India). It’s a tale of love, betrayal, revenge and greed which takes place in a small fishing village located on the Bay of Bengal’s west coast. Expect plenty of hilarious misunderstandings and dialogues as the two main characters, played by Prem Chopra and Ravi Teja, try to outdo one another in their petty attempts to outdo each other in their flamboyance and greediness.

Although it does have its own plot and storyline, the movie as a whole revolves around the idea of brotherhood and the notion of teamwork. A lot of Hindi movies of the past have tried to depict the concept but it has always been a bit tricky to get the message across and this movie certainly does that. Once you’ve seen the amazing songs performed by the local fishermen and seiners, who make up the major characters in the film, you get a pretty clear picture of what is happening in the film.

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