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Malludevil is a fictional character created by Malayalam film artist Vijay Mallya. The story revolves around the Rajan, a police officer of the Indian National Security Agency (ISDA) and his encounter with a terrorist in Manila. He loses his cool and becomes an anti-hero. Mallya has managed to create a huge fan following for Malludevil through his videos and movies. His latest release ‘Konzo’ based on the novel ‘Chakshabandhan’ has been making rounds in the national and international film festivals and has been received warmly by the audience. The film has been receiving heavy foreign box office money and is expected to make a huge profit.

In this film, Vijay Mallya has managed to create a unique character that has the capacity to make great films. The character Malludevil has been inspired from the modern day super villain Abu Lakshmi. The character first appeared in the movie ‘Singh in Kingras’. One of the reasons why Malludevil was loved by the audience during the early days of his career is because of his distinct look, which is completely different from the super villains of the past.

The character of Malludevil was created after the writer was frustrated by the non-appearance of the character in some of his previous films. He decided to create his own character and register a domain name similar to that of the famous devil in popular mythological traditions. Vijay Mallya then worked with some experts to create the look and voice of Malludevil. Ravi Subramanian, an award winning director who is known for his Indian movies, has worked on the script for Malludevil. It was at this stage that the directors and writers were trying to figure out how to convert Malludevil into a cartoon character that could be shown on television.

The story begins with an evil doctor named Chirobala who tries to poison the prime minister of India. Rajkumar Ravi, an engineer from India, is sent to India to find and bring back the prime minister from the foreign country. While on a holiday in Singapore, Rajkumar meets and falls in love with Malludevil, a telemarketer who owns a phone ext machine and a fax ext machine. The two get to know each other and Malludevil plans to poison the prime minister, shoot him with the fax machine and poison his wife with the phone ext machine.

The story thickens when Rajkumar starts getting strange calls from Malludevil and realizes that he is planning to poison the prime minister. When the authorities start searching for Malludevil, Rajkumar gets his chance to use his real identity and enter the malludevil’s office and kills all the telemarketing agents and secretaries. He then makes his way out of the building. However, Malludevil manages to escape after killing the guards.

The entire movie sounds very much like the original story of Dr Strangelove and the theme of using imagination to solve problems. This is what the film lacks in compared to other movies of its kind. But I think overall, it’s a pretty good film. If you’re not a fan of oh movie audio songs free download naa songs, you’ll definitely want to check this one out!

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