Is The Internet Making Our Lives Better: Arguments For And Against

How do you think you would fare in today’s world if you could not access the internet?

Well, if we’re being honest, we rely on the world wide web for almost everything. The way we communicate, research, or think – the internet is needed everywhere.

Even a simple task like downloading movies from a torrent website like ipiratebay requires the assistance of the net as well!

In essence, at this point, it’s become almost impossible to imagine a world without the internet. But, is it really improving our lives for the best of reasons?

Let’s find out!

The Positives Of The Internet 

The positives aspects of the internet entail the following –

Boosts Communicational Efficiency  

The internet has made it easier for everyone to communicate with each other in a more efficient and organized manner. For example, if you want to talk to someone, you can always send them a text over social media. Creating a video chat room is yet another fantastic way to meet all of your friends at once and talk to them.

Ease Of Information Access 

No matter what queries you may have, the internet has answers for almost anything. There are millions of websites available out there that discuss various topics and subjects altogether. Such a massive wealth of information helps us understand everything much better than we may have never thought about before.

Entertainment, Entertainment, And Entertainment 

Aside from the financial and economic aspects of our lives, the internet also offers us views regarding entertainment too. Almost any movie, web series, or song you can think of is available out there, waiting to be downloaded. However, if you are more of a “streaming” person, you can also access Amazon Prime or Netflix through your smartphone.

Improvement In Transactional System 

Thanks to organizations like Google Pay or PayPal, it has become possible for us to hold digital funds through our smartphones. With it, you can pay anyone, at any time, almost instantly. Additionally, if you have a debit card or PayPal, you can also use it to withdraw cash from nearby ATMs. It is all possible thanks to the internet.

The Negatives Of The Internet 

Some of the cons of the internet are –

Illegal Activities 

The internet, in essence, is the breeding ground of various internet activities. Due to the ease of information access, it has become easier for burglars, kidnappers, and terrorists to plan their course of action effectively. Furthermore, online data theft has also become a prominent issue in the IT industry.


Although it might sound a little awkward at first, internet addiction is, indeed, a thing. It can prompt people to grow an emotional attachment to online activities, friends, and idea exchanges. If and when this habit turns into an addiction for everyone, it can risk people their jobs and significant relationships.

Compromises An Individual’s Personal Information 

Everything you search on a platform or put into the web is traceable to the website owner. It’s usually used as a means of collecting information from the market. However, many people (i.e., hackers) tend to use it to steal the identity of an individual and commit fraudulence. Hence, we’d ask you never to provide your personal information on any website whatsoever.

Online Defamation 

Let’s be honest – not all the people available online will be good to you. Otherwise, the cases of online defamation wouldn’t have increased this prominently over the years. While “online trash-talking” shouldn’t be taken seriously at all, it still affects the mental condition of an individual. Hence, we’d consider it as a downside of the internet.

Ending Thoughts 

Like the positives, the internet comes with lots of negative aspects as well. However, if you consider them properly, you will find that the goods outweigh the bad pretty extensively. Still, we would suggest you take protective actions whenever using the internet to avoid falling into the trap of hackers. Limiting your overall usage can also aid you in avoiding the adverse outcomes of the web. Hopefully, it will all work out properly for you.