How to Speed Up & Automate Your Administrative Processes With E Signature Software

Paperwork has been a part of the human experience for thousands of years. It’s a tried and tested method for keeping track of day-to-day tasks and events, but it’s not without its limitations. Paper processes are time-consuming and can become an administrative bottleneck that slows down business growth. This is where e signature software solutions come in. They give you the power to automate your company’s paperwork so that you can spend more time doing what you love instead.

It’s time to move away from paper processes

Paper is slow, inefficient, and expensive. It’s time to move away from paper processes.The cost of managing files on paper is high in terms of both money and time. You have to pay for the pens, papers, and scanners or printers you need to manage your documents.

In addition, if you want to store all of your files in one place you have a big problem because there are many different types of files with different formats (PDFs, Word Documents, etc). This means that your employees need software like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word installed on their computers so they can open these types of documents with ease. These tools will increase IT costs significantly over time due to updates needed as well as licensing fees every year.

Paperwork also creates security risks when stored in physical locations such as filing cabinets or boxes in cupboards. Hackers love this kind of information because they can steal scanned versions of it easily without being noticed by anyone trying hard enough to find them.

Say goodbye to manual workflow bottlenecks

Here’s a good example: you’re working on a contract, and the buyer needs to sign off on it. It takes time to send it to them via email, wait for them to reply with their signature, then attach it back to your contract. And if they ever need changes made along the way? You’ll have to repeat this process all over again. This can be an incredibly inefficient use of time and money—and it only becomes more costly when you consider how many people are involved in the process.

It might seem like there isn’t much that can be done about this problem or similar ones, but there is help out there. Many businesses have turned towards e signature software as a solution for speeding up their workflow processes by eliminating manual steps in their paperwork flow— it’s just what every business needs:

Save on storage and security costs with e signature software

Storing documents digitally has many advantages. One of the most obvious is that you save on storage and security costs. Imagine how much your company would have to pay to hire a team of people whose job it is to store and protect physical files from internal threats and hackers. With e signature software, all these tasks are taken care of by the software itself.

With an e signature solution in place, you can also protect yourself against human error when it comes to signing contracts or other legal documents electronically. For example, if someone accidentally moves their cursor over a word while signing an agreement on screen with their mouse, this could easily result in an invalid signature being added – something that could potentially cost your business thousands of dollars due to an invalid contract.


Remember, the more time you can save from manual processes and improve your productivity, the better. As you can see from these examples, there are many ways to automate your administrative tasks with e signature software. Your business will benefit from it in the long run.