How to run v380 pro for Windows

When it comes to video monitoring service applications, there would not be any better app than V380 Pro. The app allows you to view live streams and replay of your various real estate properties such as apartments, stores, villas, working offices, factories, etc. Also, the app has an alarming service that allows you to receive any unusual messages about places of your concern.

Remote Monitoring

One of the critical benefits of downloading and using V380 Pro is that you can easily access the videos and monitor them whenever and wherever you want. The app allows remote monitoring with excellent-quality videos and real-time action-taking features.

Cloud recording service

Many apps are there in the market that does not have storage options. However, it is not the case with V380 Pro. The app allows you to store data on the cloud. Hence, there would not be any worry regarding device loss or damage. The cloud recording service also has highly encrypted data and envoys your information safely.

Motion detection alarm

Whenever there is any unusual activity in your monitoring area, the app automatically captures it. Also, the app allows you to watch what happens and guards security.

Device Sharing

Another great feature of the app is sharing the data or video monitoring service with your family members or business partners. Also, the app has a view together option that allows you to do more at ease.

Motion Trajectory Tracking

The app has a motion trajectory tracking system. Using this feature, the app enables real-time tracing, shooting an alarm more intuitively.

How to Install V380 Pro for PC

Video monitoring is a crucial task. Performing these kinds of tasks on a small screen may affect the productivity of a person and the quality of the task. Hence, you need to install V380 Pro on your PC.

Before you download V380 Pro, you must get the Emulator on your PC. it allows you to customize control per their requirements. Also, you can directly install the app to the Emulator to experience a small screen-like UI on a big screen. You can download the Noxplayer Emulator from its official website. Noxplayer is best for video monitoring apps.

After downloading the Emulator on your PC, you must follow the below-mentioned steps without skipping any.

  • Download the file from the Google Play Store using Emulator
  • Keep the emulator window small so that you can navigate V380 pro easily.
  • Now, click on the downloaded file, drag it to the emulator screen, and drop it.
  • All you need to do is double-click on the V380 Pro app inside the Emulator to monitor videos online on the big screen.