How to Hire a Game Developer

Hiring a game developer can be a highly complex mission. After all, professionals in this area are still few, and demand has grown substantially. Game art developers are among the most sought-after professionals in this field. You can consider 2d game art outsourcing, which will also save you extra costs.

The rise of new technologies and the popularization of mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets have opened up a lot of space in the market for game developers. In this article, we will help you understand how to hire a qualified game developer.

What you need to know about a digital game developer

This career requires a lot of knowledge in the areas of programming and design. It is necessary that the professional is dedicated and invests in professional qualifications to succeed in the job market.

Above all, game developers need to have a portfolio.

A great way to get noticed and possibly hired by a large company is to gain experience by creating your own projects. This experience can be a determining factor in hiring one of these professionals.

Game developer needs to know how to work as a team

Knowing how to listen to feedback, give opinions, have emotional intelligence and add to the project as a whole is an essential part of a game developer’s life. Companies do not let a professional who does not know how to work in a team grow in the organization.

Often, when detecting characteristics that go against their culture already in the interview, they end up not even hiring, even if the developer is very competent in their role. Working naturally and collaboratively is a great differentiator.

In addition to knowing how to work as a team, every game developer must be able to update themselves constantly.

In other words, another prerequisite for every professional who wants to enter the gaming area is to keep up to date. Focusing on short-term certifications is more assertive, acquiring skills that the market expects from a developer without wasting much time in the process.

The main technical recruiters are concerned with details that go beyond technical knowledge. It is also important to understand the professional’s cultural bases and references. Be aware of this while looking for a good professional game developer.

Consider the top technologies and tools a game developer uses

Over the past few years, game development has undergone significant changes. The modernization of smartphones has popularized smaller games, which are quite different from the “console” games that have been popular in recent decades.

This new market has opened up a world of possibilities for various developers. And mastering the technologies and being skilled with the equipment has become a great advantage tattoophreaks

Tools like Unity 3D, Corona, and Unreal increase productivity, allowing developers to focus on what really matters – the gameplay, that is, how the game is played. The best part is that they spend less time on details of the game’s physics, effects, and animations, for example.

In addition to these, there are others too:

  • CONSTRUCT: this is one of the top tools for beginners in the world of game development. It is not necessary to use any programming language, and this makes the creation process very fast and intuitive.
  • UNITY: This is Unreal’s main competitor. It is known for being complete and, at the same time, friendly to novice users. The tool is widely used by independent developers and large companies, such as Disney.

Where to find the best game developers

It is a fact that this professional is usually well-connected with the gaming community. In addition, they cherish an interest in new technologies, enjoy programming, and are passionate about game design.

You can participate in events, LinkedIn communities, fairs, and conferences about games and development. This helps to create strong connections with these talents.

But the most practical and functional way to find game developers aligned with your team’s purpose is through a good technology professional recruitment tool. Utilize multiple online tools and platforms that will help you find the best.