How to Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Service is necessary to ensure the basic parameters of air conditioner operation to prevent its premature failure and is not limited to just changing the batteries in the remote control or cleaning the filters. It is the complex of periodically conducted works that require the personnel of climatic firms a high level of theoretical background and certain practical skills. Besides, due to the high cost of the used diagnostic equipment only serious and specialized companies can do the service.

Advantages of Air Conditioner Service

Timely air conditioner servicing by the expert prolongs the life span of the climate control equipment and saves your budget. For the air conditioner to work without failures, it is necessary to service it at least once a year. Only a specialist can perform quality air conditioner maintenance. An owner with no experience in such work can damage the equipment and put his or her life in danger.

Pros of air conditioner service:

  • Budget savings. Servicing an air conditioner saves money because clogged equipment overheats and consumes more electricity.
  • Time savings. By contracting with AC repair service, you get air conditioner maintenance on an ongoing basis. This means that you do not need to call a specialist every time. He will independently go to the object at the time prescribed in the contract. In high season you do not need to wait for weeks until the turn comes to you for service.
  • Electricity Savings. A clogged air conditioner overheats and uses more electricity. The same phenomenon is inherent in air conditioners with reduced Freon levels. Accordingly, you will get a smaller amount on your electric bill in the apartment where the air conditioner is serviced regularly.

Quality Service 

Carrying out quality service requires knowledge of all aspects of the coordinated operation of climate systems of various kinds. Such work is not one-time, carried out according to a set schedule, and does not provide such a service as the disassembly of air conditioners. Periodicity of preventive maintenance is divided into three types of maintenance:

  • Seasonal. It includes diagnosis and preventive maintenance twice a year, usually before the active use of the air conditioner (spring) and after the season (autumn).
  • Standard. An annual check of the system’s suitability and performance. May coincide with a seasonal inspection or include one, usually in the spring.
  • Extended. Provides for scheduled diagnostics on a set schedule for systems operating year-round.

For each customer, specialists at modern services select an individual service schedule after comprehensive diagnostics and equipment inspection. After all, increasing the frequency of diagnostic work is also impractical – it will not bring benefits, but only increase unplanned costs.

Service Centers

Not every service center provides services of the highest level. It is quite simple to determine the low-quality companies – they have unprofessional equipment, they do not have licenses for work, external works are performed without insurance, before the air conditioner service there is no contract with the client, cleaning and repair is made by the handicrafts.

How Does Service Maintenance Differ from Repairs and Warranties?

Service maintenance is fundamentally different from repairs and warranties. Service is provided when the equipment is in working order and in working order to ensure that it is in normal operating condition. This allows the operation of the equipment constantly, with maximum productivity and efficiency, dramatically reducing the probability of failure of the equipment in general and its components and units.

The Causes of the Conditioner’s Breakdown

Any conditioner is a very complicated electro-hydro-mechanical device. All its nodes and details are chosen and balanced in their sizes, capacities, and productivity. But time and dirt are merciless to everything. Filters and air ducts get clogged, dirt adheres to fan blades, vibration loosens electric connections, freon evaporates through microcracks, and oil gets old and dirty.

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