How to Evaluate Energy Broker Software to Find the Best Fit for Your Business

Finding the best software for your company can be difficult. Many companies are turning to energy brokers to help them manage their energy procurement and risk management strategies. The right energy broker portal in place, which is able to do data analysis, contract management reporting, and management, should be a key factor to consider as there are many energy broker software options available.

What is an Energy Broker Software?

An energy broker is software that enables applications, systems, and services to assist brokers in managing their businesses. Energy broker software functions to automate and streamline the tasks involved. Some key features of an energy broker software are data analysis, contract management, customer relationship management and reporting

List of Energy Management Software

By tracking, observing, and optimizing energy use, energy management software enables businesses to lower their energy use and carbon footprint. Desktop and web-based apps are the two types of energy management software available.

  1. EnergyElephant:  A cloud-based program called Energy Elephant assists businesses in keeping track of and organizing energy consumption from different sources.
  2. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Resource Advisor: Real-time monitoring and analysis of energy use and efficiency are provided by this software.  It helps organizations optimize their energy usage, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals.
  3. EnergyCAP: The performance and energy consumption are tracked and analyzed in real time by this software.
  4. Siemens Navigator: A cloud-based software called Navigator allows energy usage analysis, cost tracking, plus benchmarking. It helps organizations identify energy savings opportunities, track performance, and reduce energy costs.
  5. Pulse Energy: The cloud-based software EnergyWatch provides commercial energy and resource advanced analytics, research, and reporting.
  6. EnergyWatch :The cloud-based software EnergyWatch provides commercial energy and resource advanced analytics, research, and reporting.
  7. Optimum Energy : A software program called Optimal Energy makes HVAC systems more energy-efficient.
  8. Goby: Goby is a piece of energy management software that offers automated processing, analysis, and reporting of utility bills.
  9. Lucid BuildingOS: BuildingOS is a cloud-based platform that offers in-depth energy analysis, reporting, and monitoring in real-time.

The following are key steps to consider while evaluating  energy broker software:

1. Simple to use: The best energy software should be simple to use, user friendly and easy to navigate and that you can quickly access the information you need with clear instruction for starters.

  2. Cost: when choosing a good broker, you should consider the total cost which include licensing fees, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance fees. All the costs should not be a burden to the users.

3.  Functionality: Checking the functionality of a software is key. It is the first to evaluate the software tools and its features to purchase energy. Most software should be able to perform features like data analysis, contract management, customer relationship management and reporting.

4.  Integration: Look for software that can be integrated with your current systems and procedures, such as your accounting program, energy management platform, and reporting tools. This will facilitate the streamlining of your risk management and energy procurement procedures and guarantee the accuracy and currentness of your data.

   5. Support: To ensure you get the most out of the program, look for software vendors who provide thorough support and training. Access to technical assistance, educational materials, and continuing upgrades and maintenance should all be included.


Evaluating an energy broker platform for your business requires careful consideration of its features and the best fit for your business’s energy management needs. By following the above steps, you can find the best energy broker software for your business and ensure that you are able to effectively manage your energy procurement and risk management strategies.