How to convert more leads on your eCommerce website?

Whether you are just starting an eCommerce business or selling online for a long time, increasing your website conversion rates is always a top priority.

An increase in conversion rates also means that your sales revenue is also increasing, your business makes more money, and costs are reduced because each conversion you create will be less. In addition, a high conversion rate will help your company get a more significant number of potential customers and loyal customers. Not only will that help your company increase sales, but it can also lead to increased profits.

And if your company’s conversion rate drops, it doesn’t mean your company doesn’t have revenue or potential customers. Still, your cost per conversion may be higher, making your conversion rate higher. Your business profits are shrinking. That said, today, eCommerce companies are trying to optimize their conversion rates as high as possible.

Read on to learn about ways to optimize the conversion rate of your eCommerce website, helping the customers who are visiting your website have a higher purchase conversion rate. 

About eCommerce aesthetics

In addition to functionality, the website’s aesthetics is also very important, according to a study that shows 75% of your brand perception of quality and reliability through the aesthetics of the website.

However, aesthetics is a challenging aspect to evaluate depending on the feelings of each different customer. Some can be appreciated in the simple design:

BEIS – means beige and their website is simply designed in beige colour block

In general, your goal in aesthetic design, you must meet the general needs of the customers. Aesthetics will help you attract potential customers, which will increase purchase conversions on your website.

Develop pop-ups to optimize conversion rate for eCommerce

Pop-up ads are a form of marketing advertising in the form of opening a small window to get data information or offer a specific promotion, usually appearing within a few seconds after visiting a website/landing page. 

But to be effective in attracting clients, just like content marketing, you must present unique content that fits your brand the way you want it. You should provide valuable information to encourage customers to convert. In addition, when creating pop-ups, it is necessary to adjust the timer appropriately, avoid interruptions during purchase, and give customers a bad experience.

The most important thing is that the pop-ups you create must be relevant to the web and your target audience.

Different types of pop up designs from

eCommerce video pop-up 

Perhaps, consider adding video pop-ups onto your landing page as an effective way to catch users’ attention and hold them on the website longer that, will also benefit eCommerce SEO rankings. 

Video pop-up ads have a feature that is a short video ad format, not appearing for a long time but must be attractive to move customers immediately. If you want to convert customers from online to offline, the most important thing is to focus your strategy on showing more of the company’s actions. 

Affirm the value of the business by providing them with a concise value, making customers watch once and remember immediately. So, don’t let them go away too easily, come up with a shocking enough video that can hit their soul.

Dedicated support

You need to know that customers have many different questions, so from time to time, you will come across a few questions; without a satisfactory answer, you will most likely lose the opportunity to generate new customers. 

Therefore, you should consider providing 24/7 support through different channels. You may need to have a customer service person available via email, social media, direct phone calls, etc.

To summarise

Thus, to increase the conversion rate for an e-commerce website, you need to make precise edits and optimizations on each specific item on the website because it only takes a small mistake in the buying process.