5 Reasons to Build an Agile eCommerce Website

Agile is a modern software development approach that helps teams deliver products faster and with less hassle. Unlike traditional methods, the Agile approach allows teams to use an iterative process. Teams that use the Agile approach test products continuously to determine what needs to be modified to make the products a success. As a result, Agile has become popular for eCommerce projects where needs constantly change.

Advantages of the Agile Approach for Ecommerce

According to Contentful, “Evolving consumer demands and accelerated tech innovations require brands to increase their digital capabilities beyond the limitations of traditional, monolithic website solutions.” The Agile approach offers numerous benefits to both development teams and end-users. Here are five reasons why you should build an agile eCommerce site.

1. Faster Product Launches

Agile guarantees faster delivery of products because the process is well streamlined from the preliminary to the final stages. Additionally, its iterative nature promotes faster product launches.

If you’re building an eCommerce website, it’s unlikely everything will be perfect when the website is launched. There may be issues with the checkout process, product categories, and much more.

Using the Agile approach, you can identify any serious issues with the website and fix them instead of spending plenty of time and money trying to get everything right the first time.

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2. Collaboration

Unlike traditional methods, the Agile approach emphasizes collaboration. It encourages team members to exchange ideas to determine how they can best satisfy clients’ needs. It also encourages development teams to collaborate with customers during the development process. Using the information obtained from customers, you can implement their recommendations to improve the overall user experience on your eCommerce website.

3. Flexibility

Launching an eCommerce website isn’t straightforward. Many moving parts and issues can affect the success of the site. The Agile approach is dynamic and tailored to meet the fast-changing needs of eCommerce websites. It can allow you to evaluate your site and make changes where necessary continuously. As a result, you can adapt rapidly and continuously improve your eCommerce website.

4. Fewer Risks

Instead of working on one large complex project, the Agile methodology breaks down large processes into smaller tasks. As a result, it allows teams to foresee all the major challenges they may encounter during the development process. It also allows teams to observe transparency during development. The eCommerce project can be developed and rolled out as soon as the preliminary design is approved, and it can start generating revenue by fulfilling the client’s needs. Due to these measures, the Agile approach can allow you to reduce risks and deliver eCommerce projects faster.

Reducing cyber risks such as MITM attacks is also important. For this you need to invest in the right type of SSL certificate. For the uninitiated, SSL or Secure Socket Layer refers to the digital security protocol that provides an encrypted tunnel for the in-transit communications. 

It is a given that your ecommerce website will house an unlimited number of first-level subdomains such as payment gateways, blogs and product collection pages under the main domain. If you go about purchasing a single-domain SSL for each new subdomain that you add it will prove to become a costly affair and not just a troublesome one. We suggest investing in a wildcard SSL certificate that will deliver unparalleled security to the chosen main domain and all its level-one subdomains at no extra cost.

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5. Satisfied Customers

Providing customers with a high-quality product that’s continuously improved, interactive, and delivered on time can enhance their satisfaction. The Agile approach offers all these benefits. Thus, adopting the approach can ensure you get happier customers.

The Agile approach is an excellent way to build an eCommerce website. It won’t prevent all the obstacles you may encounter during the development process, but it will help you avoid the pitfalls of using traditional methods.

Use the Agile approach to get the right product to the right customer at the right time and improve your bottom line.

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