How to choose a streaming server?

A stream is usually understood as an online broadcast, which is shown to a large audience on certain Internet sites. Consider the most successful types of servers that can meet the needs of your viewers and allow you to organize high-quality streaming broadcasts. The decisive criterion in the streaming organization is considered to be the competent choice of the server and the subsequent VDS hosting configuration. 

Remember that the quality of the published content will directly depend on the correctness of your choice and the accuracy of the settings. The streaming server features a special solution that serves to transmit various kinds of content, including video and audio, to the target audience over the network. The server’s job is to encode the input signal in real-time and then transmit it to each participant in your broadcast.

Host streaming server advantages

The most optimal and frequent option, usually chosen by the vast majority of such broadcast organizers, is the classic streaming server. Nowadays, you can find an abundance of advertising services that offer to rent a standard server at an affordable price and with decent technical parameters. Most often, we are talking about solutions with:

  • 1 Gbps.
  • 2 Gbps.

Using the services of a proven and reliable provider, you can always be sure of your streaming broadcast quality, perfect picture, and uninterrupted operation. Such services usually guarantee 100% reliable connection and SLA 99.98% uptime. Now your broadcast will not be interrupted even in the event of a power outage or Internet, as providers use backup power tools and a spare network to keep equipment working in any situation. In other words, host streaming server is a classic solution for both the beginner and the experienced streamer.

Selecting the 10 Gbps dedicated server

Another well-reasoned decision would be to choose a more powerful and enduring 10 Gbps server. Such equipment allows you to enjoy higher data transfer speeds, largely due to the provider’s use of new, improved processors and modern solid-state drives. Of course, this type of server will cost you a little more than the standard version; however, it has more extensive functionality, increased speed, and reliability. The result is obvious – high performance and impeccable speed.

The mentioned above 10 Gbps dedicated server will not only fully fulfill the duties assigned to it but will not cause a slowdown in other applications’ work, which is also very important. Such a dedicated server is characterized by increased power due to the use of high-quality equipment and the involvement of advanced IT technologies. The latter, by the way, support the optimal level of server performance. This solution gives you a 10 Gb/s port with leading SSD manufacturers to ensure stable streaming server performance and fully meet your personal traffic needs.

This solution is distinguished by high throughput, availability, and stability. The 10 Gbps option provides a non-shared connection, unlimited traffic, and individual protection of your IP, which is vital for maintaining privacy.


Of course, when choosing a particular type of server for organizing broadcasts, you should focus on the number of your viewers. The larger the number of participants, the higher the load will be placed on the server and all the equipment that ensures its operation. As a result, when choosing a server, be guided by the reliability of a particular provider, data transfer speed, provider safety, and traffic needs.